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Famous Quotes By Katie Mattie

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Where's Izzy?" cried Alice.
"I'm right here!" Izzy was heard, but there was no sight of her floating friend.
"Izzy's invisible!" yelled Melanie.
"Invisible and flying!" Colleen added nervously. — Katie Mattie

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Now I know why I had that dream last night. It was a premonition forewarning me of the death of my cooking career!"
"I doubt that your cooking career is over. You may be working at Coney Island until you retire, but you'll still be a chef," smiled Colleen.
Alice laughed, her face softened.
"Hey! Maybe if you're lucky you could work at Denny's!" said Melaine. "They're open twenty-four-seven and have an incredible breakfast menu. I would definitely come and support you."
"Thanks Mel, but I'm more of a IHOP girl," said Alice. — Katie Mattie

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Do you see those dull stars?" She outlined the formation with her finger.
"A pentagram," whispered Scott.
"Yes, but not just any pentagram. Take a look through the telescope."
Scott approached the eyepiece.
"They're not stars!"
"What do they look like?" asked Jenn.
Scott studied each of the figures.
"It can't be," he stuttered. "Planets?"
"Exactly what I thought."
"But how? They're completely off their orbits."
"The earth's off its axis."
"Mount Etna erupted."
"Greece had a earthquake."
"The whole universe has gone mad!" Scott exclaimed.
"And my friends have supernatural powers," said Jenn. — Katie Mattie

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True. The planets are in a formation, a pentagram. It's as if they were pulled together on purpose."
"Maybe they were. Where is the earth aligned with these planets?" asked Jenn.
"It looks as if we're right in the center. Earth would be the middle point to the pentagram."
"So the planets are surrounding us," said Jenn.
Scott nodded. "The planets are surrounding us. — Katie Mattie

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We still can't see you!" groaned Alice.
"How do we fix that?" asked Melanie.
"I don't know...think visible thoughts," said Colleen.
"Think visible thoughts?" yelled Melanie.
"Actually, that might work. Do it Izzy, — Katie Mattie

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Yeah, Mel! If she shoves you again, smack her in the face!" bellowed Mika.
Kira glared at Mika.
"I mean, beat her in the race! — Katie Mattie

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You have to come downstairs now!" panted Alice.
"What's wrong?"
"Everything! Izzy's floating, Melanie ran into the wall, my hand made a silver ball and Colleen smashed my keys though the wall!" Alice huffed.
"Wait, what? Slow down, I didn't catch a word you said," said Jenn.
"Come on! — Katie Mattie