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Famous Quotes By Kathryn Wesley

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At our wedding, the Dwarves gave me away, and I saw in their eyes that gleam of pride and hurt, and I realized I had received something very special. The love of people who do not give their love easily, or do not give them often. But I had to leave to fulfill my destiny. There are a great many lies, but the biggest of them is the lie of obedience. — Kathryn Wesley

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For seven men she gave her life. For one good man she was his wife. Beneath the ice by Snow White Falls, there lies the fairest of them all. — Kathryn Wesley

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But Virginia, bacon is breafast. And nothing sets my nostrils twitching like bacon in the morning. Little pigs parading up and down with their curly cork screw tails... Bacon sizzling away on a iron frying pan. Baste it, roast it, toast it, nibble it, chew it, bite right through it, wobble it, gobble it, wrap it round a couple of chickens and am I ravenous! — Kathryn Wesley

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Virginia: Oh, you made it.
Tony: I was going to say the same to you. I've been here quite a while
Virginia: Really?
Tony: Yes, about an hour.
Virginia: I didn't know it was a race.
Tony: I didn't know that was a path. — Kathryn Wesley

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Snow White: You're still lost in the forest, but lonely, lost girls like us can be rescued. You are standing on the edge of greatness.
Virginia: I'm not. I'm useless. I'm a nobody.
Snow White: You will one day be like me, a great advisor to other lost girls. Now stand up. — Kathryn Wesley

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I often think, why did I let her in? Didn't I know she was bad? And I did, of course I did, but I also knew that I couldn't keep that door shut all my life, just because it was dangerous, just because there was a chance of getting hurt. — Kathryn Wesley

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Obedience is not a virtue. I wanted to please everyone but myself, and I had to lose everything to learn that lesson. For my pride I had to lie in a glass coffin for twenty years to learn my lesson. By the time I was released, I understood. My husband was a good man, but he did not rescue me. I rescued myself. — Kathryn Wesley

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You're cold, Virginia. How have you let yourself become so cold? — Kathryn Wesley

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Tony: Okay, white stick merchant, your name is Rumpelstiltskin.
Woodsman: Nope
Tony: I said Rumpelstiltskin.
Woodsman: Guess again
Tony: Rumpelstiltskin Junior? Rumpelstiltskin the Fourth!
Woodsman: No.
Tony: Does it have a Rumple in it?
Wolf: This was your big idea, was it? — Kathryn Wesley

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I thought I had found my true vocation and happiness, but in a strange way, they were just like my stepmother because they didn't want me to grow up either. This is really important you understand, Virginia, because I had gone from something very bad to something very good, but it was only halfway right. They loved me, but they wanted me to stay small like them. — Kathryn Wesley

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Virginia, forgive me. I didn't mean to be so rude. It's just my cycle coming on. Once a month I get very irrational and angry, and I want to pick a fight with anyone who comes near me. — Kathryn Wesley

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A shepherdess makes quite a mess, but little lambs are lovely. — Kathryn Wesley