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Famous Quotes By Julianna Scott

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Love is a cheap word. Anyone can say it, and few truly know what it means. — Julianna Scott

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I loved him because I knew him. Because I'd seen the man he truly was inside, and it never failed to amaze me. I loved him for his heart and his strength. For his endless compassion and his unbreakable spirit even in the face of everything he'd been trough. I loved him because he was the person I wanted to be, and I was a better person just trough the privilege of knowing him. — Julianna Scott

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I'd always known that nothing would come between Alex and I, but that was just the "what." Now that I saw that we could handle what problems we did have in a way that only made us stronger, I finally knew the "how. — Julianna Scott

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How do my boobs feel ... ? Um, fine?" I said with a shrug. "I've got to be honest, no one's ever asked me that before. — Julianna Scott

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Too many people think that when a couple doesn't fight that they are strong, but I have never bought that. The question should never be "do you fight," but "can you fight," because fights happen, that's just the way it is. What's important is how you handle it. The strongest couples aren't the ones who avoid fighting, but the ones who do fight and are able to grow from it, and come out on the other side with something better than they had before. — Julianna Scott