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Your only consolation is that you've been here before. But try telling that to a drowning man. — Juliann Garey

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I do not believe in God. Instead I believe in the power of Family. And occasionally, when I'm feeling optimistic, in free will. But blood is a force to be reckoned with. God for example, can't give you an excellent head of hair. Your family can. They can also give you cancer. And heart disease. Nothing kills like Family. — Juliann Garey

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I hate that her headstone has a year on it for when she was born and another for when she died but only a dash for the life she lived in between. — Juliann Garey

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I cannot pretend to be the person they think I am for one more day. Slowly, over time, like wallpaper, the face I have shown the world has peeled away. I am a building on the brink of being condemned. I have tried for the longest time to hide it. To show only the best sides of myself in the most flattering light at the best time of the day. — Juliann Garey

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Not everyone can feel things as deeply as you. Most people, their feelings are ... bland, tasteless. They'll never understand what it's like to read a poem and feel almost like they're flying, or to see a bleeding fish and feel grief that shatters their heart. It's not a weakness, Grey. It's what I love about you most. — Juliann Garey

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Stability. The best-case scenario is stability. Not happiness, not passion, not joy. Best-case scenario: a flaccid fucking life of stability. A living flatline. — Juliann Garey

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You read too much and you think too much. That's your problem. — Juliann Garey

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You won't remember what belongs there. You will only feel the ache of absence & know something unnamable is missing — Juliann Garey

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We are all of us - well, with the exception of people who have just fallen in love and those lucky demented few who see life's glass as three quarters full - we are just getting by. — Juliann Garey

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Everybody's gotta have somebody to step on. Makes 'em feel important.'
'But there have to be better, more productive ways of proving your worth in the world - ways that don't involve crushing other people. Isn't that why we fought the war? — Juliann Garey

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The moment he leaves, the bees are back. Buzzing. I breathe in and feel their tiny feet in my bronchi. Buzz. Wings beeting in my alveoli. Flutterbuzz.
[ ... ]
Flutterflutterzzzzzzzzbuzzzzzz. I have to do something to make it stop. I have to feel something simple. This
is too complicated. Too confusing. I want to feel something about which there can be no argument or debate. Soemthing about which everything will be known. Here. Now. Something that will make all the rest stop.
There is an exquisite and audible pop when the hooked tip of the center tine in the fish fork punctures the fat purple vein. — Juliann Garey

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I found my way home, stripped naked, and lay on the bathroom floor, the cool tiles pushing up. Keeping me from falling. I didn't know how long the floor would hold me. I prayed Ellen would come home ... — Juliann Garey

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You think you should have an answer to the question, 'What's wrong?' You wish you knew. No one can understand how much you wish you knew. You know you must be horrible to live with, to be around. Because you cannot stand to be you - to be in your own skin. — Juliann Garey

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Because every day when I wake up, the clouds gather, a little darker each day, and I feel less and less equipped to do anything about them. To go anywhere. To make a change. To speak more than the occasional sentence. So I go to the bookstores. I do not want to speak and I do not want to be spoken to. I find it hurts my ears. My head. My skin. And people are quiet in bookstores. I like the anonymous, mute companionship of my fellow browsers. — Juliann Garey