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And here I thought you were open-minded." "I'm not," she said, — Judith Arnold

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That baby is small,' observed the bald guy, who sat to the right of Jamie.

He nodded, thinking, small but lethal. — Judith Arnold

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Peter said, his voice as dry as burnt toast. "Can we leave?" Of course they couldn't leave. Not before she'd crossed the room, planted herself in front — Judith Arnold

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of the air-conditioned Faulk Street Tavern. It's there that high school teacher Meredith Benoit finds him. Due to a silly prank, her job and her reputation are in jeopardy. She needs a lawyer, fast. But the Magic — Judith Arnold

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it occurred to him that having a newborn ought to qualify a person as handicapped. He — Judith Arnold

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When she wasn't leaking from one end, she was leaking from the other spewing white fluids from her mouth whenever she belched, as if she were auditioning for a remake of The Exorcist. — Judith Arnold

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To belittle romance fiction is to belittle women. To read romance fiction is to confront the strength of women, the variety of their experience, and the validity of their aspirations and achievements. — Judith Arnold

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Kindle Edition License Notes This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook — Judith Arnold

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He was afraid to pick up the baby. If he touched it, it might bond with him or something. Or he might leave fingerprints all over it. — Judith Arnold

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I've set the vast majority of my books in New England because that's where I live. I love this part of the country the gentle hills, the lush forests, the cycles of the seasons, the ocean, the quiet lakes and rivers that spread across the region. And, then of course, there's that Yankee spirit, which is a combination of optimism and responsibility, rugged individualism and a strong sense of community. I consider myself and my characters very lucky to live in New England. — Judith Arnold

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has traveled to Brogan's Point for the occasion. But Cory's and Talia's plans - and their emotions - are thrown into turmoil when they hear the Magic Jukebox play "Moondance." Can a single song make them — Judith Arnold

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Normal, perhaps, but disgusting. He'd thought diapers were bad. The barfing was arguably worse. Maybe it was an early warning sign of alcoholism: the girl would chugalug an entire bottle at one sitting, and then she'd hurl - and then she'd pass out. — Judith Arnold