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Famous Quotes By Josh Peck

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I am happiest when I am working though, when I am being creative. I realized at a very young age what I loved doing. I think it is so important for people to pursue the things that they love and not give up on their dreams. — Josh Peck

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I do hang out with girls, I do relax. But I am a hermit sometimes and get a bit too introverted, too 'Jean-Paul Sartre' and intellectual in my head. And it's like a Kafka novel in there, things get nuts. Then I have to remind myself to get out and I will go and play ice hockey with my friends. — Josh Peck

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I do work too hard sometimes, but my mom is such an inspiration. She tells me to 'chill out' and not take things so seriously. She will say: 'Go and have a massage.' — Josh Peck

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All the things you can do to prepare for a role that free you, in the moment, are great. You have this muscle memory for things. You don't have to act it as much, once you've done it enough. — Josh Peck

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Gratuitous fat jokes always hurt, no matter what. — Josh Peck

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I think as working actors, it's like sales. You're only as good as your last sale, so you put your all into something and you just hope that from that you can get your next job. — Josh Peck

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It doesn't matter what you look like really though, it is who you are that matters of course. — Josh Peck

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When you're an actor or any kind of artist, you use your life as something to draw from in every experience. — Josh Peck

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I mean, the great thing about being an actor is you can investigate parts of your brain that might have otherwise gone dormant. — Josh Peck

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I had to battle it out with all the usual suspects and whatnot and go to the callback. I was lucky that (writer-director) John (Levine) and I were sort of these two white-boy hip-hop-heads from New York. I think that alone got me in the door. — Josh Peck

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My favorite actor is Sir Ben Kingsley - nobody is as good as him, in my opinion. I think he's so good as an artist. — Josh Peck

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To me, there's nothing greater than making people laugh. — Josh Peck

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I don't really understand why I should be a role model but I know that children do look up to me, so it is my responsibility to motivate people and be inspiring. I hope that I can do that for kids. — Josh Peck

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I think whether you're a movie critic and have seen a million movies, or you're just a normal popcorn movie watcher, you can tell the difference when someone is just laying it on too thick. — Josh Peck

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I have a respect for the 3-D computer-generated action movies, but my first love is stuff like 'Lethal Weapon.' — Josh Peck

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Some people won, some people lost [the Grammys] but Taylor Swift gets to wake up as Taylor Swift so she's winning. — Josh Peck

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There is a challenge of doing something new. Sometimes you have to suspend whether you believe in yourself doing it and just give yourself over to the idea that they believe in you. — Josh Peck

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I would love to start directing. I just hope to find the right thing and, if I was afforded the opportunity, I think it would be something great. It would be really hard, but I think it would be a great privilege. — Josh Peck

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Not getting girls is the story of my life. I have always had a bit of a tough time with the ladies. I don't know whether it's that I don't have game or just don't feel comfortable in my own skin, but females pick up on that. — Josh Peck

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With drama, you need to be laughing, in between takes, 'cause you're going to those recesses of your soul and those dangerous parts. Normally, if you're not an actor or some crazy artist, you don't feel the need to run around in those areas. You keep them separate because it's painful. — Josh Peck

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I need to gain a lot more experience. I think so much of being a director, other than the technical aspect and the artistry of it, is the confidence that you are, I think in many ways, you're the captain of the ship. — Josh Peck

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I have never seen any of my work, I can't watch it because I am ultra critical. We all have little mannerisms that people may love about us, but can be embarrassing. Perhaps we got teased about them as kids and we may not like them ourselves. That is what it is like for me, I can't look at myself on screen even if the audience loves what I am doing. — Josh Peck

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Anytime where you're challenged, physically or mentally, you rise to the occasion in different ways. — Josh Peck

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I know about hip-hop culture, whether it's graffiti writing or DJ-ing or being an MC. — Josh Peck

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When your body is your instrument, it needs maintenance and it needs to be held in a certain way. That's a universal thread, whether you're an athlete, a dancer, an actor or a singer. It's all about maintaining your body because that allows you to do what you do. — Josh Peck

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Method Man, for him to offer me the spot as the first Jewish member of the Wu Tang Clan, you know, was an honor. — Josh Peck

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Real artists take the misery and sadness of life and translate it into art. — Josh Peck

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I may be Jewish, but my religion is hip-hop. — Josh Peck

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The best notes are action-based and less, I don't know, heady, theoretical, because, as actors, we're too much in our heads anyway. — Josh Peck

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Inherently, making a movie is tough because there's so much anticipation when it happens - even if everything goes well. — Josh Peck

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Sometimes, you run into trouble as an actor when you're not working with someone who is collaborative or doesn't bring themselves to the piece, and you sort of have to start worrying about yourself and protecting what works for you in the scene. I never had to do that in this movie because it was sort of this trapeze act. — Josh Peck

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Every time you sort of let go of the bar, you knew someone was there to catch you, and vice versa. And, I mean, come on. It's Method Man. It's been a dream to meet him forever. — Josh Peck

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You can bring truth to anything, whether it's a dance movie or an incredibly poignant indie drama or a really broad comedy. As long as you show up to play, I don't think you can go wrong. — Josh Peck

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Sometimes I don't want to go out and socialize; I just want to watch my favorite shows and comedians. But then I have to remember that it is important to participate in life if you want to portray real life on screen. — Josh Peck

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I play a lot of basketball. — Josh Peck

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In life, I'd much rather have people laughing at me than booing me. — Josh Peck

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I grew up as a really sick kid; I had really bad childhood asthma and was at home all the time in New York. — Josh Peck

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I always had a weight issue since I was a young kid. — Josh Peck

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I love '80s movies. — Josh Peck

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I'm not built for war. I'm built for entertainment. I'm built for jokes - either telling them or being the butt of them. — Josh Peck

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Acting's not therapy, but it can be therapeutic. — Josh Peck

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Just to be part of a process where you hit no professional speed bumps and you're just sort of going on and on. I'm surrounded by these people that are all so collaborative and all bring things of their own to the process. For them to be alive in the scenes so you don't have to worry. — Josh Peck

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If you include quotes with your Instagram photos, you need to look at your life. — Josh Peck

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We also find Denver, Colorado, the home to the Denver Airport, which has many different sinister stories and claims attached to it involving all sorts of conspiracies and evil intent. — Josh Peck

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I don't think it's very difficult to bring a virginal, angst-ridden, hip-hop grunting white boy to the screen. Not that I have any experience with that. I don't know man. I understood where his head was at, because he was this 18-year-old cat that thought he was a man, but didn't really know what it meant to be a man. — Josh Peck

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I don't know, being able to work with Meth was pretty damn cool, but even that day, John, the director, gave me one of the best notes I've ever had. I walked into the scene just completely excited. I just couldn't believe I was going to work with Meth. — Josh Peck

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I love the phrase, 'Somebody's going to have a good day today, so it might as well be me.' I feel like you bring everything to the character, I hope. — Josh Peck

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I'm forever in debt to Nickelodeon. It made me who I am today. — Josh Peck

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I was raised by a single mother. — Josh Peck