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Enjoy the top 16 famous quotes, sayings and quotations by Jonah.

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Famous Quotes By Jonah

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You are a gracious God and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. — Jonah

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People are racist to us, sir, so why can't we be racist to rangas? — Jonah

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And the Lord God prepared a plant and made it come up over Jonah, that it might be shade for his head to deliver him from his misery. So Jonah was very grateful for the plant. — Jonah

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You're coming to Buzzfeed's homepage not for yourself, but to find something to share with someone else. — Jonah

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People think that once you're in movies your life changes in a crazy way. It really doesn't. If you choose to have it change in a crazy way, it will. I have my same groups of friends I was friends with in high school. We're all a bunch of really normal guys. — Jonah

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Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you. — Jonah

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Is it right for you to be angry? — Jonah

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It would be better for me to die than to live. — Jonah

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And I'm so angry I wish I were dead. — Jonah

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Don't walk next to me, it looks gay. — Jonah

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It's just this sense that you got something to say. — Jonah

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Isn't this what I said, Lord, when I was still at home? That is what I tried to forestall by fleeing to Tarshish. I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity. 3 Now, Lord, take away my life, for it is better for me to die than to live. — Jonah

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Forty more days and Nineveh will be overthrown. — Jonah

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They don't understand that I'm just choosing to be dumb. I'm not dumb. I'm just choosing not to be smart at the moment, but if I put in effort, then I could be really smart, but I choose not to. — Jonah

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Nutrition is not a private matter! — Jonah

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Research by the Keller Fay Group finds that only 7 percent of word-of-mouth happens online. — Jonah