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Famous Quotes By Jon Gnarr

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Many autistic people have this ability to learn weird foreign languages, and I think I've heard of autistic Americans who have been obsessed [with] Icelandic and learned it and speak it fluently, and I've seen it done in interviews on television. — Jon Gnarr

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We trust the bully much better than we trust the underdog. Maybe it's in our nature, but it is so that all around the world there is this certain type that can succeed in politics and it's people who are - alpha types. — Jon Gnarr

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People tend to favor the underdog, like in the movies we favor the underdog, but when it comes to voting, we vote for the bully. It's so strange. — Jon Gnarr

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I wish you could simply extirpate violence and war from the world, abolish all the armed forces, and destroy all the bombs. But this is probably not very realistic. Ultimately, everyone has to start with themselves. Many want to be active somewhere else, at best in a country where they don't currently live. But what's the point, if there's no peace in your own life? So be at peace with yourself. And how? Through peaceful dealings with others. Start by ensuring peace at home before you go out into the world. Or work for peace in both spheres. You can't be working for a peace camp in the Middle East during the day and then in the evening have a quarrel with your family over the phone. — Jon Gnarr

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When the Vikings moved into a place they just kind of killed everybody who was there before them. — Jon Gnarr