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God's answer to your guilty conscience is the death of his Son. Your answer to a guilty conscience is usually something you do, like confessing harder, praying more, reading your Bible, paying more than your tithe in the offering and so on. These actions are what the writer to the Hebrews calls "dead works," the very things your conscience needs to be cleansed from and the very things that eventually get you wrapped up in the black shadow of your own guilt. — John White

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The Father does not welcome you because you have been trying hard, because you have made a thoroughgoing confession or because you have been making spiritual strides recently. He does not welcome you because you have something you can be proud about. He welcomes you because his Son died for you. — John White

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I'm neither a magician, nor a wizard," Mab's deep voice sounded behind him. John was startled.
"But you are. I mean you must be. You can do magic."
"Not magic, Sword Bearer. /Miracles/."
"But you do magic!" John said, bewildered.
"No, Sword Bearer. It is true that I have power from the Changer, but the power I have is His power, not ours. It is to be used in his service. Magic is stolen power. The power that Qhahdrun has is magical power. It was stolen from the Mystery of Abomination when he rebelled against the Changer. Qhahdrun really thinks it belongs to him, but one day it will be taken from him. For at the last all power will go back to the Changer from whence it came. — John White

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Simplicity may be simple, but like complexity it requires linguistic precision, and may therefore call for relatively obscure expressions at times. — John White