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In Christ you are chosen, reborn, justified, adopted, and sanctified. You are indwelled by his Spirit, protected by his power, and guaranteed to be perfected in glory. You are a member of his kingdom and an heir of the world to come. In Jesus you are perfectly and eternally loved. Christ became poor to give you all of this. What else do you need? — Joe Thorn

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At times God will delay granting you relief in order to draw you closer to himself. He might want to teach you just how helpless you really are and how all-sufficient he really is. Sometimes God will allow you to suffer for a season to test and strengthen your faith. — Joe Thorn

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In this life, as you work for the glory of Jesus and the good of others, you should do so with an eye to his return. It will lead to earnestness and create an urgency in your life to make the most of all your days. — Joe Thorn

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You live recklessly when you do not take God's law seriously or respond to the gospel properly. Reckless living can look like laziness and apathy. When you simply aren't motivated and tell yourself that God has forgiven you in Jesus, so you're not going to fight temptation and sin - that is reckless living, and it's far more dangerous than you realize. — Joe Thorn

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The deepness and consistency of your repenting will have a direct impact on the liveliness of your faith and the brightness of your confidence. This is not because you repent so well, but because in repenting you know the darkness and trouble of your own sin, and the great work of grace in Jesus that overcomes it all. — Joe Thorn

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What is clear is that Scripture requires both head and heart, and you need to see it not just as a text but as the very words of God. This will encourage you to pay close attention to the very words he uses, but it will also compel you to feast on those words as light-shedding, wisdom-dispensing, and life-giving counsel from on high.

For all your longing for God to speak, to make his will plain and his plan clear, you should be daily immersed in God's Word. This is his voice, his will, and his plan made known to you. Consider these words, "Make your face shine upon your servant, and teach me your statutes." God's face shines on you when you are learning - experientially - his Word. — Joe Thorn

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the gospel itself is the climax of all theology. — Joe Thorn

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The Spirit's work of revival does not come about when God's people practice inventive or radical exercises; it comes through the normal means of grace God has given his people. — Joe Thorn

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The great hope of the Christian is not heaven, which is often conceived of as a disembodied existence in the spiritual realm. The great hope of the Christian is the resurrection. — Joe Thorn

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Your suffering is real, but those who trust the Lord will find life even in the midst of death. — Joe Thorn

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You are never just living for the moment. You are living for eternity, and your life has the potential to prove fruitful not only for yourself, but also for many others. — Joe Thorn

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Your progress in the faith, your sanctification, is not a result of will power or education but the consequence of Christ's atoning work. That is your confidence and hope. You can die to sin because he has died for your sin. You can live unto righteousness because Jesus has risen from the dead and in him you are now truly alive! — Joe Thorn

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To say that God is love is not to romanticize his character or soften his holiness. In fact, the love of God means very little apart from his holiness and justice. The love of God is magnified in that he loves the unholy and pours out blessings upon those deserving just punishment for sin. — Joe Thorn

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For when you suffer, you can be sure that one of two things is happening. Either God is teaching you to rely on his grace and sufficiency through your pain, or he is teaching you to return to his grace and sufficiency through your pain. — Joe Thorn

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Your views of God and self are not small ideas of little consequence. — Joe Thorn

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Keep yourselves from idols." The warning isn't given to them because it wasn't a real danger or because there was an off chance someone might fall into idolatry. It was given because this is our root problem on any given day. It is what we, especially as followers of Jesus, must fight against. — Joe Thorn

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I know that you say you would die for your wife, and I believe you. But if that is true, why won't you let go of self-interests on her behalf? If you love her, and would lay down your life for her, why can't you lay down the remote control in order to give her your attention? Do you serve her and seek her betterment? Do you seek her growth in grace? Consider this: your calling is not only to care and provide for her in a general sense, but to seek her spiritual beautification. — Joe Thorn

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Of all there is to know in this world, of all the mysteries and complexities of life, the knowledge of God and his ways are the most critical. — Joe Thorn

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Your refusal to forgive one who has sinned against you us a manifestation of hypocrisy - a telltale sign that either you have not experenced God's forgiving grace, or that you take such grace for granted. — Joe Thorn

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Instead of suffering fruitlessly through your trials, be sure to keep your eyes fixed on your heavenly Father who has good purposes in all you experience. Check yourself for sin that has not been dealt with. Lean on the grace and goodness of God, and you will find relief. — Joe Thorn

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But when you doubt that you have anything to offer, you question God's ability to use you beyond your own weakness. Your usefulness in the lives of others is not dependent on your own intellectual or creative abilities, though God will use your talents whatever they are. Your usefulness to God and his people is connected with your dependence on God and his Word and your love for his people. — Joe Thorn

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You experience two kinds of guilt. One is the reality of your culpability before God. You have transgressed his law - you are guilty. The other is the sense of your corruption. You feel guilty. The first kind of guilt is true of you because everyone is a sinner. But not everyone knows the second kind. Until a person knows his guilt, he cannot know pardon. Until you feel the bondage of your guilt, you cannot find the freedom of forgiveness. In this sense, guilt is not your enemy. — Joe Thorn

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While the law of God is something we intuitively, if partially, know because we are made in his image, in our sinful condition we repress that knowledge and fight against our consciences when they alert us to our own wrongdoing. We need his law more than we need a vague admonition to "love" and "worship. — Joe Thorn

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Your calling is to be faithful to God where you are, and in doing this all work is sacred, spiritual, and worthy of your full attention and energy. When you get to work, you are not entering a secular environment as much as you are bringing the sacred into the world by following Christ wherever you are. — Joe Thorn