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Famous Quotes By Jessica L. Webb

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I wanted to come back with a plan, to have things sorted out and decided. To have made some decisions about my life completely on my own," Kate said, her eyes on Andy. "I never imagined finding someone like you. When I did, when I fell in love with you, I trusted you to know and understand things about myself I didn't share with anyone. About losing my sister, my career, my sexuality. You seemed to have this incredible capacity to carry it all, and you seemed to do it so easily. — Jessica L. Webb

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Don't second-guess yourself. — Jessica L. Webb

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Andy waited, her instincts warring with each other. To touch Kate, to hold her. To throw her guard up, ward off whatever this was. To speak first, to not speak at all. To repeat the last words Andy had said to her before she left two months ago. I love you, Kate. Andy kept her mouth closed, breathed in and out. And she studied Kate. — Jessica L. Webb

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Kurtz had been watching Andy quietly as she moved around her kitchen. "You've found her, haven't you?" Kurtz said with a gentleness Andy didn't think she'd ever heard before. She'd seen it, though. It was evident every time Kurtz looked at Tara. "Yes," Andy said, and a deep sense of rightness filled her entire body. "It's amazing, isn't it?" Andy smiled. "Yes, it is. — Jessica L. Webb

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Come back to me." It wasn't a plea. It was an offering. Andy finally looked at her, reminding her of the night she'd found Andy sitting on the floor in the dark. That night her eyes had been guarded, closed. Now they were alive, hiding nothing. Kate could see everything; every thought, every fear, every suppressed desire in those piercing, beautiful grey eyes. — Jessica L. Webb