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I've asked our people, "Why don't we just put a revolver on top of our basic loan?" Make it easier for the client. — Jamie Dimon

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I haven't studied it deeply, but the American banks started the crisis with far more capital and what I would call "good liquidity." The riskiest funding is unsecured wholesale funding. It's the most fickle. Not repo, which the government focused on, too. Unsecured. JPMorgan Chase had almost none of that - virtually zero. — Jamie Dimon

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If the numbers are right, ICBC [Industrial & Commercial Bank of China], which already earns nearly twice as much as JPMorgan. They'll probably be going a lot faster over time, and one day they can be a lot bigger than us. — Jamie Dimon

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I hope the story of 2011 is that America gets its mojo back. You've got to remember that America has the best universities; it's got some of the best businesses. It's got an unbelievable work ethic, rule of law. The story of 2011 will be America blossoming again. — Jamie Dimon

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Businesses can be opaque. They are complex. You don't know how aircraft engines work either. — Jamie Dimon

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I am struck that so many of our leaders in the U.S. forget how strong our country can be. — Jamie Dimon

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People need to understand: Businesses are going to make mistakes. They shouldn't be shot and hung every time. We should apologize for it. We should make up for it. My shareholders paid for it. No customer was hurt, which is critical to me. But I hurt my shareholders, and I wish I hadn't. — Jamie Dimon

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I learn from all our major competitors, whether they're in or out of the U.S. Wells Fargo is very actively, very aggressively, and very successfully building its U.S. investment bank. — Jamie Dimon

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I also think you have to be very careful. I mean, the heritage of our company is very strong, and building some of these businesses into leading players is extremely tough. You and I can both build a trading business, and it looks like you're doing OK, and it looks like I'm doing OK. But, really, I am, and you aren't. It comes down to the quality of clients, quality of systems, quality of risk controls. — Jamie Dimon

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No one has the right to not assume that the business cycle will turn! Every five years or so, you have got to assume that something bad will happen. — Jamie Dimon

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A democracy is a compromise by its nature. It's not a dictatorship. — Jamie Dimon

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Companies that grow for the sake of growth or that expand into areas outside their core business strategy often stumble. On the other hand, companies that build scale for the benefit of their customers and shareholders more often succeed over time. — Jamie Dimon

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Economies of scale are a good thing. If we didn't have them, we'd still be living in tents and eating buffalo. — Jamie Dimon

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I hate the word universal, because I don't know exactly what it means. The question is, does it work for the client? Travelers was a diversified, financial conglomerate that did very well. The businesses had nothing to do with each other. — Jamie Dimon

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But in general, as countries get wealthier, there's going to be more savings, which means you're going to have intermediation. So part of it is just the huge growth in wealth, and part of it was globalization - these companies, these clients getting much bigger and much more global. — Jamie Dimon

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If the economy grows, housing gets better, quicker. — Jamie Dimon

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If you were a corporation needing financial services, and I can give you something better, faster, and cheaper across 12 products as opposed to eight, that's business. I'm doing it because I'm serving you; I'm not doing it because I want to be universal. — Jamie Dimon

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They'll [China] probably be a fully developed nation. The road there just is not going to be that easy. You're going from a macromanaged, top-down economy to a market-managed, micromanaged type of economy, with all the potential corruption issues, SOE [state-owned enterprise] reform, and market reform that come with it. — Jamie Dimon

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Don't do anything stupd. And don't waste money. Let everybody else waste money and do stupid things; then we'll buy them. — Jamie Dimon

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While legislation obviously is political, we now have allowed regulation to become politicized, which we believe will likely lead to some bad outcomes. — Jamie Dimon

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They [Chinese] have very smart, experienced people. I don't want to paint them all with the same brush. There was a little bit of a feeling that the stock market, which went from something like $4 trillion in valuation to $10 trillion, that the Chinese wanted that. — Jamie Dimon

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I don't think you're going to have one bank. Big companies aren't going to give us all their business. So they can pick and choose - by product, by country, whatever. We have major competition across every product in every place we operate. — Jamie Dimon

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If you have the choice, it's far better to say, "That person has the job, and they really don't need that much of my oversight." Maybe they don't need any of it. — Jamie Dimon

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I think what you've seen them do recently in the markets is what most of us learn doesn't ultimately work. But I think everyone has to figure that on their own. — Jamie Dimon

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You know, the benefit in life is to say, 'Maybe you made a mistake, let's dig deep.' — Jamie Dimon

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You can design a mortgage system that is different without a Fannie and Freddie, but there are principles you have to have, to have a good system. — Jamie Dimon

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As countries get wealthier - all of them, together - you're going to have financial assets. That is a good thing. You could argue the assets were traded too much, or that they're too highly valued, or too leveraged. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 349568

If business doesn't thrive, it hurts America. We need improved relations, more collaboration, more thought and more consistency as we go about trying to make sure we have the best country in the world. Not scapegoating and finger-pointing. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 355937

The real story in housing will be a recovery in the economy that will drive a recovery in housing, When people are working, when there are more jobs, more households forming and people go back to buying cars, they're going to want their apartments and homes. And that's when you'll start to see a recovery in home prices. — Jamie Dimon

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I have gotten disturbed at ... some of the Democrats' anti-business behavior, the sentiment, the attacks on work ethic and successful people. I think it's very counter-productive. — Jamie Dimon

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Banks also have to say no to customers. We can't always give clients what they want; it may not be in the client's best interest. — Jamie Dimon

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If I ran the whole place like it was my way or the highway, we would not be as good a company. I'm going to have mistakes - they'll be made on my watch and will embarrass me. But I'll also make sure the company learns from them so it can become a better company. — Jamie Dimon

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No one can forecast the economy with certainty. — Jamie Dimon

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Walk into a Chase branch and we can give you so much quicker, better and faster. Like Wal-Mart. — Jamie Dimon

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I advise other companies' CEOs, don't fall into the trap where you go, 'Where's the growth? Where's the growth?' Where's the growth?' They feel a tremendous pressure to grow. Well, sometimes you can't grow. Sometimes you don't want to grow. In certain businesses, growth means you either take on bad clients, excess risk, or too much leverage. — Jamie Dimon

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Just because you have a good hand today doesn't mean it's good tomorrow. And some of the things we're doing may become very disadvantageous at some point. — Jamie Dimon

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The best way to look at any business is from the standpoint of the clients. So there are these certain basic things that aren't going to change. Companies are going to have needs for equity, debt, advice, FX, and derivatives. Individuals are going to have needs for auto loans, mortgages, something that looks like a deposit account, and the ability to send money to people. Those things aren't going to change. — Jamie Dimon

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Capping the size of American banks won't eliminate the needs of big businesses; it will force them to turn to foreign banks that won't face the same restrictions. — Jamie Dimon

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You've seen certain credit type products that are going to be in nonbanks, like sophisticated CLO [collateralized loan obligation] tranches and stuff where the capital charge is so high that a bank simply will not own it. Someone will buy it, hedge it, trade it. But it won't typically be a bank. — Jamie Dimon

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At Travelers, we were much more opportunistic. It was very successful, but it wasn't an integrated financial services company. We had a property casualty company, a life company, a brokerage company. We were a financial conglomerate. It wasn't a unified, coordinated strategy of any sort. When it merged with Citi, that became a big issue; Citi, at that time, wasn't yet a fully integrated, coordinated company. — Jamie Dimon

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We use technology to make it cheaper, better, and faster for the client. And then if you have the most flow, you can win. Now, having said that, Silicon Valley wants to take on this business. They think they see an opening. — Jamie Dimon

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The transaction reflects our disciplined strategy of investing capital in core businesses where we can leverage scale and expertise for competitive advantage. In addition to being a great strategic fit, the deal is compelling financially. — Jamie Dimon

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Our plate is full. We have a lot to do building our company organically and that is our key focus. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 757530

My daughter asked me when she came home from school, "What's the financial crisis?" and I said, it's something that happens every five to seven years. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 802689

We're going to do the right thing for the company and our customers, all things considered. — Jamie Dimon

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Our investment bank looks like it does because its customers like our expansive network and want to do equity, debt, M&A, custody, move money, deposit money, et cetera. — Jamie Dimon

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I want you to say to me right from the start, "We are here to serve customers. We're not here for me to make a lot of money. We're not here to bet on interest rates or credit spreads. We are here to serve our customers really well over a long period of time, and that's how you build a successful business." And so I want to see that, too, you know? — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 869594

I think the way NOW characterized Smith Barney is disgraceful. I am appalled that an organization like that would not have reserved judgment (until) making their own investigation. — Jamie Dimon

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Well, if you were the American public, you saw a catastrophe. In general, you would say, "The biggest institutions of America - Washington, broadly, and Wall Street, broadly - they're to blame." And, broadly, they're right. — Jamie Dimon

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When the government gets involved in pricing, I don't think it's the right way to look at a business. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1042893

I always tell people, "There's a book on everyone." I get some of that book before I do anything. If I want to deeply understand someone's reputation, I'll talk to their friends, their former bosses, their peers, and I'll learn a lot about them. I want them to be trusted. I want them to be respected. I want them to give a s - -. Then there are the intangibles: physical and emotional stamina, the ability to confront issues. I can ask all I want about those things, but I also have to see a lot of it. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1082175

From my point of view, the American financial system - including banks and investment banks - is far safer because of capital and liquidity requirements. Despite all the turbulence so far this year, I don't think anyone's questioning our system. And that, obviously, is a good thing. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1088348

One of the issues with some of these lenders is going to be, where will their provider of credit be when there's a crisis? That's why some of these smarter services, to support their operations, are courting more permanent capital. They want a source of longer-term funding that can survive a crisis. — Jamie Dimon

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JPMorgan was already, for the most part. Our businesses at JPMorgan share the same cash-management systems. The commercial bank, the private bank, the retail bank, they all use the branches. The cash-management system moves the money around the world - for global corporations, and for you, the consumer, too. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1092158

JP Morgan always has higher capital liquidity, that is partially to make up for mistakes and problems and obviously it's a tough economy. We support an oversight committee, we supported some of the compensation, new compensation rules, though we already follow most of them. We support a lot of it. — Jamie Dimon

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They have a policy in China for their big companies called "Go abroad." It's a rational thing for both the company and the country to say, "We want big, successful companies." Particularly in areas where they need it: agriculture, energy, technology. I think banking, too. One or two have bought a trading house. Some have already begun expanding around the world. Of course they're going to have those ambitions. Why wouldn't they? They're just doing it methodically. It's a logical strategy and, well-executed, they will succeed. — Jamie Dimon

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Not every company went bankrupt. Not every bank needed TARP [Troubled Asset Relief Program]. So I'm very proud that JPMorgan, throughout that time period, was completely steadfast. We bought Bear Stearns because we thought we were helping the situation. We didn't cut and run. — Jamie Dimon

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The United States has the best, deepest, widest, and most transparent capital markets in the world which give you, the investor, the ability to buy and sell large amounts at very cheap prices. That is a good thing. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1286982

Banks don't want certain asset classes, and that's created opportunities for private equity, hedge funds, Silicon Valley. In this case I think he was referring to some of the European banks shedding assets, and the big buyers are probably not going to be big American banks. Someone like Blackstone may have a very good chance to buy those assets, leverage them, borrow up a little bit, and do something good there. — Jamie Dimon

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We are totally open kimono with regulators. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1322657

The government has the right to change laws and rules and regulations. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1330354

I was a normal human being, but I did like that. I read a lot. I also liked math and science. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1343708

The toughest are people mistakes, when you put the wrong person in a job. Sometimes you're too slow to move them out. Or not getting the right people involved to solve a problem, or doing something out of anger; you learn, just don't do that. But I'd have to say the Whale was one of them, and I would also have to put Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual on the list at this point. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1352265

You read constantly that banks are lobbying regulators and elected officials as if this is inappropriate. We don't look at it that way. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1368348

The term 'too big to fail' must be excised from our vocabulary. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1393697

Part of the concept of the euro zone was to establish a common market. The banks were going to bank across all their countries like we bank across states. But that concept got killed for a whole bunch of reasons that I won't get into. That was a good concept, by the way. It may yet return, because there are huge economies of scale in banking. That's another thing people don't quite get. — Jamie Dimon

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Look, every institution will make mistakes. I acknowledge we make mistakes, and they can hurt my reputation and our company's. But you also must be willing to let go a little bit, trust others, and not always be so stringent, provided you have robust controls. — Jamie Dimon

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When you walk into a store and you want to buy something, you give them cash and they sell it to you. But very often, you walk into our "store" and you want something - a credit card, maybe, or a loan - and very often the answer is "No," even if you're a large corporation. — Jamie Dimon

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People thought they were going to make a lot of money. And then at one point, it got too hot, and the government wanted to knock it down. Trying to get it up and then knock it down, both were a mistake. And part of the reason, some people think, is that they wanted to equitize some of their companies. A healthy stock market helps equitize companies and reduce the country's debt burden. — Jamie Dimon

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I am not embarrassed to be a banker. I am not embarrassed to be in business. — Jamie Dimon

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Unraveling the euro is a terrible thing. This is a 50-year endeavor to get this continent together and that's a wonderful endeavor. — Jamie Dimon

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Our global corporate investment bank competes with Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and a bunch of other banks that are in those businesses. We may have slightly different products or services, but so what? That's always been true in American business. — Jamie Dimon

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We're trying to win business by doing a good job for the clients, as opposed to, "We think being big and universal is just a great, wonderful thing." It's not a morality thing. It's a "Does it work for the client?" thing. Everything we do is because a client uses us. Everything we do is because a client chose to use us of his own free volition. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1653500

If you're making all your money simply betting on interest rates, that's not a business. Flow is a business. On the outside, they look the same for a while. But when you dig into them, no, they weren't exactly the same. — Jamie Dimon

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I've been regulated my whole life. We have progressive taxes. It's not a free-market free-for-all. I completely understand that society has a perfectly legitimate right to put in structures and regulations and rules that make it fairer, better, cleaner. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1667709

A bank is a relationship. I can't desert you and expect to have a strong relationship afterward. If I told someone, "I know you've been buying milk from me and you need milk to survive. But the price is no longer $2 a gallon. It's going to be $40 a gallon. I'm going to bankrupt you." What do you guys think of me? You would hate us. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1688044

Let's look at lending, where they're using big data for the credit side. And it's just credit data enhanced, by the way, which we do, too. It's nothing mystical. But they're very good at reducing the pain points. They can underwrite it quicker using - I'm just going to call it big data, for lack of a better term: "Why does it take two weeks? Why can't you do it in 15 minutes?" — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1696801

Just because we're stupid doesn't mean everybody else was. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1725162

And if you're going to be a leader, you know what I ask myself? Would I want to work for you in this job? Would I let my children work for you? Would I give you this job if I wasn't there to provide oversight? If you went to run another company, would I, as an investor, invest in that company? — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1782701

We have built a very good company, and we're proud of it. We also recognize that much of it has been built on the shoulders of the thousands of employees and leaders who have worked here before us. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1785515

My father and grandfather were stockbrokers, and they would actually take stock certificates from a vault, give it to a runner, and send it to another vault. Then somebody said, "Let's digitize it and have one vault." Now the DTCC clears and settles almost everything, and the cost of doing a trade is a tenth of what it was before. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1787099

I think the free-enterprise system has been great for society. That doesn't mean it's completely perfect. And also, when people say capitalism, I'm not really sure what they mean. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1790175

All businesses tend to pass costs onto customers. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1797259

I don't like the term "universal bank." The Chinese government legitimately wants to have a very strong economy. When they talk about SOE reform, they know that's part of it. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1859883

Look, in any system, you want highly ethical people who really understand issues to form policies and make tough decisions. You need all the right people in the room. But there's a general view in Washington now by many politicians that if you ever were on this side, you're conflicted for being on that side. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1880766

We support too big to fail. We want the government to be able to take down a big bank like JP Morgan and it could be done. We think Dodd-Frank, which we supported parts of, gave the FDIC the authority to take down a big bank. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1881676

Scale can create value for shareholders; for consumers, who are beneficiaries of better products, delivered more quickly and at less cost; for the businesses that are our customers; and for the economy as a whole. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 1926968

My operating assumption is we will always have very tough competition. And even with some European banks struggling right now, some of them can reemerge - and maybe even stronger. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2050664

You don't run a business hoping you don't have a recession. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2088044

Finance went from being a small business, effectively, to being a big business. In part, that's the growth of the world's wealth. That's called savings. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2107691

It's good for America when the rest of the world grows, because you can sell more to the rest of the world. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2130491

It is vital for officials and regulators to have input from people within our businesses who understand the intricacies of how financial markets operate and the consequences of certain policy decisions. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2152549

I've always wanted to help build a better society and build a better company, and I always wanted a healthy, vibrant company, a healthy, vibrant society. We take care of our people, we provide them with opportunity. But I've always believed business is here to serve your clients, your shareholders, your communities. If we do this well, everyone benefits. We have to do a good job for all of them. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2163799

I'm not going to name anybody, but I think there are about five to 10 global institutions that will emerge as our primary competitors across the board. They're adjusting to this new world, like we are. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2180909

We don't think there are cases where people were evicted out of homes when they shouldn't have been. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2187283

You cannot prove this in real time, but when economists 20 years from now write a book on the recovery, it may well be entitled, 'It could have been much better.' — Jamie Dimon

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If the government wants to do social policy, it should not be done in a quasi-public company. If you have a mortgage guarantee company which is done by the U.S. government, it should be guaranteed by the originators, i.e., the shareholder. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2242451

It's offensive to me to be called a cost cutter, — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2249299

Their [American banks] big issue will be if they want to deal with the biggest companies, which are doing a lot of business overseas. How they do that is a big question. It's almost impossible to build a global investment bank from scratch. If they want to do that, they probably will have to do an acquisition. — Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon Quotes 2257918

I think one could argue that there's more political input into the regulatory side, and on the regulatory side there seem to be fewer people with financial and banking experience - there are more lawyers, academics, economists, maybe politicians now. — Jamie Dimon