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Famous Quotes By Jaida Jones

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Nice to meet you," Remus says. It's a reflex. If one banged his knee, chances are he'd probably come out with a "how many sugars do you take in your tea?" before a kick. — Jaida Jones

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Being crazy about someone isn't nice or passionate or deeply moving; it is, surprisingly enough, crazy. — Jaida Jones

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Repeat after me, Mr. Black: I do believe in commas. I do, I do. — Jaida Jones

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I must say the efficiency of this nation in condemning a man is simply astounding. - Margrave Royston — Jaida Jones

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And then, after a period that seemed both as swift as mere minutes and as endless as days, it was done. — Jaida Jones

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As it almost always was when I'd been too self-centered to see the truth of the matter, I felt impossibly foolish. — Jaida Jones

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Then why did they need you?" Lily's face is hard and set again. "Why not just send Sirius?"
James gapes at her. "Alone?"
Lily doesn't say anything.
"No," says James. "I mean no, Lil. Don't be ridiculous. Anyway, he can't work a defensive spell if his life depended on it, which it would. You know how he gets when his blood's up, all laughing and insane and hopping about talking nonsense and all of a sudden someone would hit him in the chest with a hex before the possibility even occurred to him. — Jaida Jones

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If I do I will secure for you ringside seats." Remus busies himself with looking busy. "Perhaps your future lies in the fine art of divination."
"Now that," Sirius says, "is a flat-out ridiculous waste of time."
"You're only saying that," Remus replies vaguely, "because you only ever see drapery in your crystal ball."
"The professor says they're veils," Sirius mutters. "There's no need to bring that rubbish up again, now is there. — Jaida Jones

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I have always been much cleverer in retrospect. — Jaida Jones

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Well," he said, "and this is only my own way of thinking, mind, but when you're doing something you love - really love - you can't let the way others play the game get in the way of that, if you follow. It don't matter if your coach is hassling you, or whether you don't like how some of your teammates indulge in the sport. When you're out there, you've got a goal to accomplish, and you can't see to letting all that mishmash weigh you down. — Jaida Jones

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This may come as an immense surprise to you, considering how highly you esteem your intellect, yet I must confess there is a great deal in this world about which you know less than nothing. I say 'less than' because you are informed incorrectly-and being both tenacious and pompous, you cling to this misinformation as a pit bull to the bone, which makes you far more dangerous and contemptible than even the stupidest of men. — Jaida Jones

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What I caught that winter was a memory of a purpose. — Jaida Jones

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The Kiril Islands had changed hands more times than a good coin in a whorehouse. — Jaida Jones