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Famous Quotes By Jack Croxall

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He had never seen the ocean before; he knew it only as the featureless blue void between the detailed continents on his father's old globe. But now he saw that it was anything but featureless; distant blue swells rising and falling, like great lungs tasked to power the surging and receding of the foamy waves washing across the shoreline beyond them. — Jack Croxall

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You can't save someone from their own decisions. — Jack Croxall

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I haven't dared say it aloud, I didn't dare write it down before, but what if it was the monster? — Jack Croxall

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Its single mast reached high towards the stars and its slender form creaked with every lapping wave. — Jack Croxall

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At least I'll have left something to be remembered by. As well as my corpse, of course. — Jack Croxall

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The sky above us seems huge, vast. It's clear and crisp and visibility is so good that, when I look up, I feel like I'm staring at an inverted, endless ocean. I'm sure the blue is the colour of water above sand and the tiny, wispy clouds look like waves breaking over distant swells. I envy the birds I see overhead, zipping joyfully from left to right and so far above the death and decay that pollute the lower levels. A day like this should be enjoyed completely. I should be able to forget what dwells in the towns around us, I should find it in myself to dismiss what happened at that crossing, I should. — Jack Croxall

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Don't you touch her,' threatened Esther, 'or I'll claw your face off.'
Steven turned away from Abigail and eyed Esther instead. 'I'd like to see you try.'
'I bet you would,' snapped Esther, ' you've got such an ugly mug it'd probably make for an improvement. — Jack Croxall

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Karl ached to stroke her, to explore her delicate features with his hand and reveal what the paltry candle light could not; the feel of her hair, the curvature of her neck, the warmth of her skin. — Jack Croxall

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For a long time they sat in silence, observing the huddles of juvenile reeds peeking through the water's surface, and watching the scores of bank-rooted daisies nodding their dainty heads in time with the gentle breeze. — Jack Croxall

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Esther's voice softened. 'Please, we're begging you ... — Jack Croxall

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Don't let me lose myself. — Jack Croxall