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J.M. August Quotes & Sayings

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The higher you rise, the dirtier it gets. — J.M. August

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Life kicks you and you begin to die, it kicks you again and you don't care anymore, it kicks you one last time and it puts hate it in your heart, the treachery of it all. — J.M. August

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You have this novel idea of the world, like it's made up of ladder hunting and test taking and framed plaques, all of which mean nothing to your current position. I know enough to know that you are dumb enough to believe in your ability, and that my friend is why you are given the opportunities to rise. — J.M. August

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I always root for the black man, like penance for something I had not part in creating. — J.M. August

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So what I suggest you start doing is fucking this world better than she's ever been fucked and start acting like a motherfucker that wants that big money rock - fuck. — J.M. August

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The devil can be a clown of prizes in moments like these. Moments of knowing you've ventured too far down the wrong path and all you can do is accept more prizes ... — J.M. August

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I did it again. Lying guilty in a hotel room for a woman I will fail for. — J.M. August

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If a chick can't dance, she can't ride dick, simple as that ... — J.M. August