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J.D. Robb Quotes 374134

She woke to the scent of coffee, and wondered if that was how mornings in heaven smelled. — J.D. Robb

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Assaulting an officer will earn you one to five, Roarke. That's in a cage, not cushy home detention."
"You're not wearing your badge. Or anything else, for that matter." He gave her a friendly nip on the chin. "Be sure to put that in your report. — J.D. Robb

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Oh shit, oh shit, stupid shower present!"
Now she did pull her hair as she made the dash to her office.
Roarke sat in her visitor's chair, comfortably involved with his PPC. He glanced up, let loose a regretful sigh. "You changed. And I didn't have any time to ogle you in uniform."
"I have to go shopping!"
Staring at her, Roarke pressed his fingertips to his temple. "I'm sorry, I believe I must have had a small stroke. What did you say?"
"This isn't funny." She bent down, gripped him by the lapels. "I forgot to get a thing for the thing, and I don't even know what the thing is supposed to be. Now I have to go out and hunt something down. Except - " Her eyes went from slightly mad to speculative. "We have all kinds of things around the house. Couldn't I just wrap something up and - "
"Crap! — J.D. Robb

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Then I'll tell you the simple and most complex answer is love. It's where you start, and where, if you work hard enough, want hard enough, you end. — J.D. Robb

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Her feet were killing her. And it made her imagine traveling back in time, hunting down whoever had invented stiletto heels, and beating the crap out of him. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 918849

I've never understood the appeal of anything referred to as 'hash. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 635608

Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eyes. In every gesture, dignity and love. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 201098

She stepped inside, into warmth and white marble veined with gray, into the strangely spicy scent of whatever the masses of bold flowers cast off from their silver urn on the central table. — J.D. Robb

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Peabody wandered off, scanning the entertainment units lining the wall, wondering what it would be like to be able to afford any amusement available: music, art, video, holograms, VR, meditation chambers, games. Play a set of tennis with the latest Wimbeldon champ, dance with a hologram of Fred Astaire, — J.D. Robb

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Where's the hooch - for Dickhead?"
"Fourth-floor gift room."
She stared at him for ten silent seconds. "We have a gift room?"
On a half laugh, he shook his head. "One day, darling Eve, you really should go through the entire house. East wing, fourth-floor tower."
"Okay." Since she wasn't completely sure where that was, she walked to the elevator. — J.D. Robb

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There are no dead ends, just detours. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1645501

But old habits die hard. — J.D. Robb

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The vulnerability undid him even as the strength brought him pride. And the whole of her brought him love beyond the measuring of it.
Of all he'd craved in his life, all he'd dreamed of having, all he'd fought to gain by fair means or foul, he'd never imagined having such such as she as his own. Never imagined himself the man he'd come to be because she was. — J.D. Robb

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Too revved to sleep."
"Is that so?" Some of the light she loved was back in his eyes. "Well, what can we do to pass the time, help you relax? Cribbage, perhaps?"
Her eyes narrowed. "Cribbage? Is that some perverted sexual activity?"
He laughed, and grabbing her, tossed her onto the bed. "Why not? — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1262471

She took his mouth, gave it a nice little bite as she ground against him. "There you are," she murmured.
"Well, you've left me no choice."
"A cock's always ready to crow."
He laughed, wrapped his arms around her. "Crowing's not what mine's ready for."
"Show me." She went to work on his trousers.
Amused, aroused, he watched her. "In a bit of a hurry, are we?"
"I've got to use you and get back to work, so no dawdling. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1292909

I'm late," she snapped before Summerset could speak. "But here's the thing, I'm not always late, but you're always ugly. Who's got the real problem? — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1867051

His mind's always on something else. He'd live in a ratty cardigan, and he's always worrying holes in the pockets of his pants. He can never seem to find his wallet or anything in the refrigerator. And just when you think he's not paying any attention to what you're saying or doing, he comes up with exactly the right answer or solution."", [J.D. Robb, Celebrity In Death""People""who expect perfection in a mate miss a lot of fun - and sweetness.", [J.D. Robb, Celebrity In Death] — J.D. Robb

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ADA Cher Reo was sleeping off a night of drunken revelry like the rest of them, so that would be handy. — J.D. Robb

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Maybe they're out doing the tango and drinking tequila shots." He sent Eve a grin. "As we will be when we reach their age. After which we'll come home and have mad sex."
"For God's sake. This is on the record."
"Yes, I know." He stepped off with her on Var's floor. "I wanted those future plans to be official as well. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1874292

Bright blessings on both of you, and safe travels wherever the path takes you. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1506229

mood out of her. He slipped — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1741616

I want a date with you, Lieutenant, seeing as our Sunday plans were aborted."
"I thought dates went out with the I do's. Isn't that in the marriage rule book?"
"You didn't read the fine print. Christmas Eve, barring emergencies. You and me, in the parlor. We'll open our gifts, drink a great deal of Christmas cheer, and take turns banging each other's brains out."
"Will there be cookies?"
"Without a doubt."
"I'm there. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 704794

Cops aren't heroes, Peabody. We just do the job. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 163068

Nobody's that naive," she muttered. "Nobody's that guileless."
"He's from Nebraska." Peabody scanned her pocket unit.
"From where?"
"Nebraska." Peabody waived a hand, vaguely west ... "They still grow them pretty guileless in Nebraska. I think it's all that soy and corn. — J.D. Robb

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You tell Roarke you were tagging me for this? Or is he going to get riled up so I have to kick his ass again?"
"Oh, is that what you were doing when you had to be carried out of the room unconscious?"
"I like to remember it that I was just getting my second wind. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 840829

I can't let her stand trial." Her head lolled; she snapped it back. "I have to find ... I need to go ... " She couldn't even lift her weighted arm to her head. "Damn it, Roarke, damn it, that was a tranq." "Go to sleep," he murmured and gently unhooked her weapon harness and set it aside. "Lie back." "Inducing chemicals on unknowing people is a violation of ... " She slipped deeper, barely felt him unbutton her shirt. "Arrest me in the morning," he suggested. He undressed her, then himself, before slipping into bed beside her. "Just sleep now." She slept, but even there, dreams chased her. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1186529

He sipped again, more deeply. "Is this an interrogation, Lieutenant?" It was the smile in his voice that rubbed her wrong.
"It can be," she said shortly.
"As you like." He rose, set his glass aside, and began to unbutton his shirt.
"What are you doing?"
"Getting into the swim, so to speak." He tossed the shirt aside, unhooked his trousers.
"If I'm going to be questioned by a naked cop, in my own tub, the least I can do is join her."
"Damn it, Roarke, this is murder." He winced as the hot water all but scalded him.
"You're telling me." He faced her across the sea of froth.
"What is it in me that is so perverse it thrives on ruffling you? And," he continued before she could give him her short, pithy opinion, "what is it about you that pulls at me, even when you're sitting there with an invisible badge pinned to your lovely breast? — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1168600

Sit up, and no whining."
"I don't whine."
"Rarely," he agreed. But when you do, you make up for the lack of quantity with quality. — J.D. Robb

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Maybe if they played those poppy, jingling Christmas songs on an endless loop in the tank it would be enough. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1709182

He may have gotten spanked by a barbecue grill, but on a desk unit, he was a king. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 532805

Christ, she missed him outrageously. Disgusted with herself, she ducked her head under the spray and let it pound on her brain.
When hands slipped around her waist, then slid up to cup her breasts, she barely jolted. But her heart leaped. She knew his touch, the feel of those long, slim fingers, the texture of those wide palms. She tipped her head back, inviting a mouth to the curve of her shoulder.
"Mmm. Summerset. You wild man."
Teeth nipped into flesh and made her chuckle. Thumbs brushed over her soapy nipples and made her moan.
"I'm not going to fire him." Roarke trailed a hand down the center of her body.
"It was worth a shot. You're back ... " His fingers dipped expertly inside her, slick and slippery, so that she arched, moaned, and came simultaneously. "Early," she finished on an explosive breath. "God."
"I'd say I was just on time. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 665240

We begin to die with our first breath. Death is inside us, ticking closer, closer, with every beat of our heart. It is the end no man can escape — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 77693

You know, Roarke, you're kind of cute." Eve Dallas — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 88823

Would you want to rule the world?" Eve asked Roarke. "Or even the country?"

"Good God, no. Too much work for too little remuneration, and very little time left over to enjoy your kingdom." He glanced over. "I much prefer owning as much of the world as humanly possible. But running it? No thanks. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 107725

Neither of them knew what it was to be family, to have family, to make a family. They knew cruelty, abuse, abandonment. She wondered if that was why they had come together. They both understood what it was to have nothing, to know fear and hunger and despair- and both had remade themselves. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 156365

She didn't want the medi-techs. She wanted a fucking candy bar. [ ... ] She reached down [ ... ] and chose a Galaxy bar [ ... ] "I'm going home." "You didn't pay for that," Francois shouted after her. "Fuck you, Frank," she shouted back and kept going. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 178218

He shook his head and eyed Roarke. "You don't look like a cop."
"I'm not and thank you for noticing. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 203587

It all jibed, and the books would close on Jasper as death by misadventure. Unofficially, Eve labeled it death by stupidity, but there wasn't a place on the sheet for that particular observation. - Lt. Eve Dallas on a drunk fall off the roof — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 213979

I've got nothing." Eve swiveled around to him. "Zip. You've got something. What?"
"Apparently, it's not coffee," he said with a glance at his empty mug.
"What am I, a domestic droid?"
"If so, why aren't you wearing your frilly white apron and little white cap, and nothing else?"
She sent him a pained look of sincere bafflement. "Why do men think that kind of getup is sexy?"
"Hmm, let me think. Mostly naked women wearing only symbols of servitude. No, I can't understand it myself."
"Perverts, your entire species. What have you got?"
"Besides a very clear picture of you in my head wearing a frilly white apron and little white cap?"
"Jesus, I'll get the damn coffee if you'll cut it out. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 215161

Love, Eve thought, came in all colors, shapes, and sizes. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 241031

He held up a hand. "You've come perilously close to being written up for insubordination, Lieutenant. I expect better control from you, and have rarely had the need to remind you of it."
"Yes, sir."
"Moreover, I find myself insulted both on a personal and professional level that you assumed I had or would approve an asinine schedule that pulls you off a priority."
"I apologize, Commander, and can only offer the weak excuse that any and all contact with Lee Chang results in my temporary insanity."
"Understood." Whitney turned the disc over in his hand. "It surprises me, Dallas, that you didn't shove this down his throat."
"Actually, sir, I had another orifice in mind."
His lips quirked, just slightly. Then he snapped the disc in two, just as she had.
"Thank you, Commander."
"Let's get this damn circus over with, so we can both get back to work. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 261507

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. - LEO NIKOLAEVICH TOLSTOI — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 268921

I don't get it. Scratch, bite, squeal, slap. Why do women fight like that? They've got fists. It's embarrassing to our entire gender. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 270825

I've decided being eaten alive by anything is my last choice of causes of death." "What's first choice?" "Kicking it at two hundred and twenty, minutes after being sexually satisfied by my thirty-five-year-old Spanish lover, and his twin brother." "There's something to be said for that, — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 312455

Eve-"In the name of all that is holy ... It's 2060, not 1760. Can't they figure out a better way to handle this process?"
Roarke-"Amen — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 319054

You are who you are. I know you. You believe that?
"Yea but
"You're Eve Dallas. You're the love of my life. My heart and Soul. You're a cop, mind and bone. You're a woman of strength and resilience. Stubborn, hardheaded, occassionally mean as a badger, and more generous that you'll admit. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 370607

Roarke: The bodies of the three men were found floating in the Chattahoochee River.
Eve: I think it'd be embarrassing to be dead in the Hoochie-Coochie River.
Roarke: Chattahoochee
Eve: What's the difference?
Roarke: Quite a bit, I'd think. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 378303

He's not your type."
Peabody's face clouded exactly as it had when Eve had rejected the perfume. "How come - I like looking at his type."
"Sure, but try to have a conversation with him." Eve dipped her hands in her pockets and rocked back on her heels. "Guy's in love with himself and figures every woman who gets a load of him has to go moony eyed - just like you're doing. He'd bore you to death in ten minutes because all he'd talk about is himself - how he looks, what he does, what he likes. You'd just be his latest accessory."
Peabody considered, watching as the gold-tipped Adonis posed at the check-in counter. "Okay, so we won't bother to talk. We'll just have sex."
"He'd be a lousy lay - wouldn't give a damn if you got off or not."
"I'm getting off just looking at him." But she sighed when he took out a small silver-backed mirror and examined his face with obvious delight. "It's times like this I hate it when you're right. — J.D. Robb

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I don't mind being a suspect when the corpse is a shit-for-brains fuckwit, but if I'd killed her it would've been bloody and loud. And I'd have enjoyed it too much to keep it to myself. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 440708

You know better than to blame yourself." "Knowing better doesn't always stop it. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 499480

Something your father wouldn't have told you, he began. Taking blood, it leaves a mark on you. No matter how it's done, or how it's justified, it leaves a mark that goes in deep. Be sure you're willing to wear that mark before you take the blood. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 505336

As Eve strode down the bright white corridor of the dead, Peabody hustled beside her.
"Man, this place is always a little spooky, but this is beyond. You know how you half expect one of these bags to sit up and grab at you?"
"No. Wait out here. If one of them makes a run for it, give me a call."
"I don't think that's particularly funny." And watching the still black bags warily, Peabody took her post at the door. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 517432

Don't wear those trousers with that shirt. What are you thinking?"
"I'm going to a bust, not a party."
"That's no reason not to look your best. Let's see, what's the well-dressed cop wearing these days to take down a major terrorist organization? You can't go wrong with basic black."
"Is this a joke?" she asked as he selected another shirt.
"Good fashion sense is never a joke." He handed her the shirt, slid a finger down the dent in her chin. "But it's good to see you smile again, Lieutenant. Oh, and wear the black boots, not the brown."
"I don't have any black boots."
He reached in, pulled out a pair of sturdy black leather. "You do now. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 593034

Bullock, Sam, died at the age of one-twelve. They'd been married five years. She was forty-six."
"Isn't that romantic?"
"Heart-tugging. First husband was younger, a callow seventy-three to her twenty-two."
"Was - not Sam Bullock wealthy, but well-stocked. Got eaten by a shark."
"Step off."
"Seriously. Scuba diving out in the Great Barrier Reef. He was eighty-eight. And this shark cruises along and chomp, chomp."
She gave Eve a thoughtful look. "Ending as shark snacks is in my top-ten list of ways I don't want to go out. How about you?"
"It may rank as number one, now that I've considered it a possibility. Any hint of foul play?"
"They weren't able to interview the shark, but it was put down as death by misadventure. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 669333

Eve: "She completely eye-fucked you." Roarke: "I know. I feel so cheap and used." Eve: "Shit. You got off on it. Men always do." Roarke: "True enough, which is why we're so often cheap and used. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 686634

I think sometimes fate cuts you a break. Like it says, okay, you've had enough of that crap, so it's time you fell into something nice. See what you make out of it. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 778884

Lunatics are, unfortunately, rarely stupid. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 808977

Idols always fall, Eve. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 854449

The service bar in the parlor had been lightly used, some macadamias and — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 870129

instructor - and — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 875072

She broke off a piece of bacon and offered it to the cat who sat staring holes through her.
"For him, this is makeup sex. That's all you get," she said when Galahad inhaled the bacon then affectionately butted his head against her calf.

"Just FYI, if you let another man rub up against you, and I sniff it out, you won't be able to buy me off with bacon." He handed her the syrup pitcher so she could drown her French toast.
"So noted. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 877791

Martha, I wonder if you can ever truly know someone you love until you have been married near forever." It was Martha's turn for an encouraging nod. "Loving someone and coming to know them better," Jack went on, "I think that will be an adventure all its own. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 888689

Fate rules, Eve. You follow the steps, and you plan and you work, then fate slips in laughting and makes fools of us — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 993699

After a while, Eve thought, marriage turned walls into clear glass so both of you could see right through each other. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1003654

You have shoes to match."
"I do?"
"You do, yes, and go with diamonds. Leave the color to the dress."
"Which diamonds? Do you know how many you give me? Why do you do that?"
The aggrieved sound of her voice amused him nearly as much as giving her diamonds. "It's a sickness. I'll get them for you once you're dressed."
She said nothing, and stood where she was as he selected a dark suit from his forest of suits, a slate-colored shirt, and a stone-colored tie.
"How come you don't wear color?"
"The better to serve as the backdrop for my beautiful wife."
She narrowed her eyes. "You had that one ready."
"The truth is always ready."
She jabbed a finger at him. "That one, too."
"Such a cynic. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1008900

The simple and most complex answer is love. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1009170

Marital discord, she decided, was like some sort of low-grade fever that threw the whole system just slightly out of whack so you couldn't manage to function at full capacity. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1049535

Task complete. Shut it down."
Unable to comply, the computer responded.
"I finished."
Inaccurate statement. Previous command stipulated all listed reports and evaluations must be complete before system rest. This command by Dallas, Lieutenant Eve, priority basis, can only be countermanded at her order by fire, terrorist attack, alien invasion or an open and active case requiring her attention ...
Jesus, had she really programmed that? "I changed my mind."
Previous command specifies changes of mind, fatigue, boredom, and other lame excuses not acceptable for countermand ...
"Bite me," Eve muttered. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1073998

Love changes everything. I proposed to my wife after we limped away from a physical altercation with another serial killer. Good times." "Feels — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1082788

When you find nothing, Morris said, it means you're eliminating what surrounds the something.
Is that a Zen thing? Eve questioned.
If not, it should be. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1099064

You need more sleep."
"Skillet, pan."
"You know, the skillet says the pan's the same deal."
He thought a moment. "I believe that's the pot calling the kettle black."
"Whatever, kitchen stuff can't talk anyway. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1106584

Take care of my cop. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1131868

Reach down inside yourself, Peabody, and get a grip on reality, however slippery. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1139885

He needed to call Eve.
He looked across the field, across the silvered mists and gentle rise of aching green. Rather than pull out his pocket-link he continued to toy with the button. He didn't want to call her. He wanted to touch her. To hold her, just hold her and anchor himself again.
"Why did I come without you?" he murmured, "when I need you so bloody much? — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1166005

I figure it doesn't work that way. It finds you, and it grabs you by the throat and you can't do a damn thing about it. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1263138

There is no such thing in man's nature as a settled and full resolve either for good or evil, except at the very moment of execution. - NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1263215

Drinking doesn't make problems go away. Just because you can't remember them doesn't mean they're not there. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1275331

A lot of people find rural landscapes relaxing." "Sure, until you start wondering what's creeping behind those trees, or slithering along in the grass. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1404584

For once, he slept first. She lay in the dark, listening to him breathe, stealing a little of his warmth as her own body cooled. Since he was asleep, she stroked his hair.
"I love you," she murmured. "I love you so much, I'm stupid about it."
With a sigh, she settled down, closed her eyes, and willed her mind to empty.
Beside her, Roarke smiled into the dark.
He never slept first. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1415142

The man's got more money than God, and he sends you a bag of coffee? — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1417830

Three weeks hadn't changed Cop Central. The coffee was still poisonous, the noise abominable, and the view out of her stingy window was still miserable.
She was thrilled to be back. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1469494

Damn it all to hell and back again, you know very well that was a setup. You bloody well know I couldn't put my hands on her."
"Yeah, yeah, sure, sure." Eve shrugged off her coat, tossed it aside. "I know a setup when I see it, and I know your face, ace. I didn't see desire on it, I saw annoyance."
"Is that so? Is that bloody well so? Well, if you knew it was just what it was, why did you sucker punch me?"
"Mostly?" She turned, cocked a hip. "Because you're a man."
Eyes narrowed on her face, he tried to stanch the blood with the back of his hand. "And do you have any sort of idea just how often I might expect your fist in my goddamn face because of my bleeding DNA? — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1474061

You have a point, but love can also cause you to see things as you prefer to see them, as you want them to be. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1483733

My late unlamented father taught me one valuable lesson. 'Boy', he would say to me in the thick brogue of a champion drunk, 'the only way to fight is to fight dirty. The only place to hit is below the belt. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1525986

Licensed, regulated, taxed, safe. People pay for therapy, for physical training," he added, nodding at the board. "For spiritual guidance, and so on and so on. People pay for all manner of basic needs, and others train to provide those needs. Sex is a basic need. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1580639

Not at the same time - on insomnia. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1619919

A pity it was so early in the day and I couldn't treat myself to the roller coaster. we'll have to come back, you and I, and make up for it."
"Sure, when I've lost my mind and want to rush screaming through the air in a little car. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1653820

As for her cat, Galahad made an appearance, regally ignored everyone under four feet until he clued in that this variety of humans was more likely to drop food on the floor, or sneak him handouts. He ended in a gluttonous coma, tubby belly up under a table. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1675473

Don't analyze me. We've got a whole department of shrinks on the payroll for that. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1755698

I don't worry about traditions overmuch. The fact is, I could change my mind as to whether I want something. For one reason or another, it could lose its appeal. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1769177

No screen?" She nudged him away, scanned the walls. "Seriously? What kind of place is this?"
"The sort where people use bedrooms for sex and sleep, which is exactly waht I have in mind." To prove it, he tumbled her onto the bed.
It squeaked.
"What is that? Did you hear that? Is there a farm animal in here?"
"I'm fairly certain they keep those outside. It's the bed." He tugged her shirt over her head.
Testing, she lifted her hips, let them fall. "Oh, for God's sake. We can't do this on a talking bed. Everybody in the house will know what's going on in here."
Enjoying himself, he nuzzled at her throat. "I believe they already suspect we have sex."
"Maybe, but that's different than having the bed yell out, 'Whoopee!'"
Was it any wonder he adored her? he thought. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1809214

I think I've just lost five pounds in fear sweat." Peabody mopped at her face. "Now I want a cannoli. I don't know why."
With a laugh, Roarke shifted to grin at her. "I'll buy you a dozen, precious."
"Cannolis, for God's sake. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1820104

There's one more reason I opted against sleeping with Julian."
"He's not like Roarke, but he gives the illusion of being a lot like him when he's in the mode. So the idea of sleeping with him felt disloyal - and just, well, icky."
Eve started to laugh it off, then realized Nadine was perfectly serious. "Really?"
"Yes, really."
"All right, not completely understood, but appreciated anyway."
"I hear he bangs like a turbohammer."
"I thought you said he wasn't like Roarke."
"Oh, that was cruel. Maybe I'll give him a spin after all. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1837798

It's too easy to become discouraged when no one values your skills and your efforts. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1914944

You're the husband?" the doctor asked with a nod to Roarke.
"Yes. How is she?"
"Spitting mad - I think she has some very ominous plans for you. And if you happen to be Peabody, you're in on them."
"She's okay." Peabody let out a gush of air. "That's great. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1924764

The security officer smiled and said, 'Good afternoon, ma'am,' to me before I
gave him ID."
"It's a sick world, Eve." He resisted taking her hand for another squeeze. "A sick,
sad world. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1949813

Far be in from me to dictate how you should assuage your guilt. Do you have a lot of it?"
She bit his good shoulder. "You're about to find out."
She toppled them both off the bench and onto the mat. "Well, ouch. I take it guilt doesn't bring out your gentler side. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 1987199

In any case, what would be the point of having all that, and you, darling Eve, if I can't have time with you, away from your work and mine?"
"I could probably take a week."
"I was thinking four."
"Four? Four weeks? That's a month."
His eyes laughed over the rim of his cup. "Is it now? I believe you're right."
"I can't take a month off. A month is like ... a month."
"As opposed to what? A chicken?"
"Ha. Look, maybe I could stretch it to ten days, but - "
"Three weeks."
Her forehead furrowed.
"We had to cancel plans for a quick weekend away twice this year. Once for your work, once for mine. Three weeks."
"I couldn't take more than two, even - "
"Two and a half. We split the difference." He handed her a fork.
She frowned at it. "You were always going for the two and a half. — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 2111770

Life is full of circles — J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb Quotes 2181691

Mostly suck - it's the law of averages, I figure, especially when you're on the job. Then you cross paths with people like that. Bad shit's happened to them, seriously bad shit, but they still come out of it decent. — J.D. Robb