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Last year's leaves exploded into rustling traitors under Haydn's boots. Branches clawed at his cloak and he ducked, swiping away pale gray webs of moss. Gorawen's fingers were wrapped around his left hand. A moonstone gleamed from his right. The dim light barely lifted the shadows as Haydn tucked the stone beside a log. Another flash of soaked moonbeams lurked on the edge of his sight. Half-covered, they'd not reveal their path to those following while marking a clear trail for his and Gorawen's return and keep their own direction sure. — Hope Ann

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Accept the bloodstained rose. It was an order. The flames cannot save from the chain which binds you."
Shadows of the Hersweald — Hope Ann

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His fingers brushed the outline of the bronze disc hanging beneath his tunic. Haydn jerked his
hand away, gritting his teeth as he tried to block the memories. The clashing of steel. The screams and cries of battle. They fled, replaced by flames. Shadows. Pleading and tears. — Hope Ann

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The Prince doesn't stop all harm. It is a testing, even now. But he opened a way for our reunion with the King. He died, Haydn. You said you were there. You know what he did. What more could anyone give?
~Traveon — Hope Ann

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Haydn muttered a rough oath, sending the echoes of the past shivering in all directions. — Hope Ann

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Fortune is as fickle as the wind, but she occasionally gives moments worth every second in gold. — Hope Ann

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Haydn's hand tightened around the stone as he stared at the ground. "I need to find my sister. To save her. Maybe then I will be worthy."
You will never be worthy.
..."I know."
...you are bound yet, and there is only one way you will ever be free. There is only one key for such chains. — Hope Ann

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Some things never changed. — Hope Ann

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The thought, both recognized and yet ignored in the earlier chaos, surged through his mind. — Hope Ann