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If you say you have an empty mind and you don't have an empty mind, you only know later that you have an empty mind. Because if you say you have empty mind, you don't have empty mind, because you're already thinking about it. — Hamid Drake

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The world is going to change, whether we like it or not. We can participate in that change or we can be the victims of that change. In a way. Either we go in our stupidity ignorance, and arrogance, bring more destruction in a way, or we're forced to change. — Hamid Drake

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Femininity doesn't always relate to being a woman and masculinity doesn't always relate to being a man; it's a quality of being-ness. Women have to portray the quality of masculinity; society wants it to be like a man; not necessarily male, but like a man. If that makes sense ... In nature itself, there's yin and yang, there's masculine and feminine. — Hamid Drake

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Musicians are affected by the audience just as much as audiences are affected by the musicians. The only problem is that often times musicians won't allow themselves to admit to that fact. — Hamid Drake

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The place that I found where European musicians and American musicians come together is that odd middle world which is called uncertainty. — Hamid Drake

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If you're truly playing improvised music, I don't care who you are or where you come from, you don't know what's going to happen. I feel essentially we really don't know anything anyway, most of the times we're just guessing. — Hamid Drake

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When I started doing improvise music in Europe, in the beginning I thought the way that Europeans were interpreting the reconstruction of deconstruction of this thing that we call jazz - of course it's different than what Americans do, because Europeans have a different history, a different sensibility and so forth - the nature of the creative process itself it's the same; but what comes from that creative process is different, because you have a different history, you have a different society, different language. — Hamid Drake

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When I play with people, one of the first rules is to listen. Just by the near fact that you listen and you're open to listening, or you're listening and you're open to what this other person is doing. Also you going to be open to what you're doing and you're not going to have it like 'planned out'. — Hamid Drake

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I think when we start to understand what masculinity and femininity is, then men won't fear so much the feminine side coming out. And the masculine side for women coming out won't be such a burden, in a way. Just be ourselves. — Hamid Drake

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The planet belongs to all being; all beings are responsible. We all have to do whatever we can do no matter how small it is; nothing is too small. — Hamid Drake

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I grew up in the funk, rock and roll, blues and r&b tradition, and I came to this thing we call jazz later. And I came to improvise music from the standpoint of jazz; I was improvising, but within these other genres of music. — Hamid Drake