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We all look different, but we all are the same. We are all just human beings trying to make a difference in a world branded by globalisation. — Haidji

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She must have been very anxious about a first boy friend to fall in love with a Colgate boy — Haidji

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You say good-bye, and you think you'll be free. But I'll be awaiting you, in your final destiny. — Haidji

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They suffered with his death and she - she suffered with their reaction to it. — Haidji

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He lived like a devil and died like a saint — Haidji

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Life is made by decisions. — Haidji

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... she was so exhausted and tired, so overwhelmed, that she needed a Red Bull, to calm down and fall asleep. — Haidji

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Sometime rhetoric was just
another way to lie and impress persons,
and he knew this — Haidji

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Eccentric is a nice word to replace 'weird' and 'crazy', which you can use when you really like someone. — Haidji

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He was a lawyer and he knew that it would be best to trust his journalist friend, but not to tell his own lawyer — Haidji

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Sometimes the world around you makes you do things you would never do out of the circumstances. — Haidji

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To be shaped for life is never easy.
To discover who we really are, in the middle of what we want to be, or what we think that the world expects from us, is even less easy — Haidji

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Sometimes your dream is so special that ... you can't kill it. You can't die even if you try. Life will find a way to fulfill it, and a way to keep you alive. Because the Earth needs dreamers to survive. — Haidji

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The present moment is the combination of future and past ... so let's live and sometimes, sometimes let's just forget about the rest! — Haidji

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No matter how you die, or what action you take, since you're born,life is just a Suicide Game. — Haidji

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Life is paradoxical, but I believe that I could also be the same person I am today, if life would have cut me with happiness instead of pain. — Haidji

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How long is forever when you can stop the time for a while to see ... the sunrise? — Haidji

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A human life
Is the time that happens
The Earth takes a break
For you to live
Inhaling and exhaling your soul
from the un-endless space
Named infinity — Haidji

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...regardless of where they were, their hearts were always beating at the same pace. — Haidji

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Love does not choose belief, place, time, situations, or race. love happens between two souls. — Haidji