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Famous Quotes By Gita V. Reddy

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Maybe all Cinderellas have fairy godmothers. Mine must have positioned me outside the kitchen so that I could overhear Marcella. I raced up to my room and replaced the books I had taken. — Gita V. Reddy

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When you banish me, you who are maryadapurushottham will be writing a law which will render innocent women of coming generations homeless and destitute. — Gita V. Reddy

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Did anyone care for poor Cinderella until her fairy godmother took her in hand? Did anyone look beyond the ragged clothes and sooty face? Did anyone see the unshed tears and the poor, tired face?
Obviously not. Appearances matter. — Gita V. Reddy

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Did Cinderella wonder whether her prince would have cared for her had he first seen her in her everyday clothes? Did she believe the ladies of the palace were truly her friends or did she suspect they were just friendly because she was the princess and wore beautiful gowns?
Did she fear that life could again change? Everything could disappear as it had done when the clock struck twelve?
Did Cinderella wonder whether her good fortune was real or the trick of a magic wand?
It's a sad thing to lose belief. — Gita V. Reddy

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I am sure when Cinderella went to that ball, she took a great deal more pleasure in outsmarting her stepmother than in the carriage and the ball dress and the glass slippers. — Gita V. Reddy

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I became Cinderella, Stella and Marcella were my evil stepsisters. If the house had mice and roaches and a damp garret, I would be living there. If we were using coals, I would be coughing over a smoking fire.
Was I not lucky to be a modern day Cinderella? At least I did not have to sleep among the cinders. — Gita V. Reddy

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I am sure Cinderella was really smart. Even if the fairy had not appeared, she would have found some way out of their clutches. She would have had to; it's called survival. — Gita V. Reddy