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according to the big bang theory a universal explosion (a complete disorder of particles} resulted in a complete universal order contrary to the theory of cause and effect.For god every thing is possible may be that was how he started his creation and then established the universal order. God is maintaining the universal order .Otherwise logically speaking our universe would have been in unmaintained ongoing universal disorder , this is common sense an explosion of disorder doesn't produce a complete universal order,. — George

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Alright. Well, in all honesty, I don't feel that what I've done is a crime. And I think it's illogical and irresponsible for you to sentence me to prison. Because, when you think about it, what did I really do? I crossed an imaginary line with a bunch of plants. I mean, you say I'm an outlaw, you say I'm a thief, but where's the Christmas dinner for the people on relief? Huh? You say you're looking for someone who's never weak but always strong, to gather flowers constantly whether you are right or wrong, someone to open each and every door, but it ain't me, babe, huh? No, no, no, it ain't me, babe. It ain't me you're looking for, babe. You follow? — George