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But let us be sure of something. We are not sheep. This government is ours, and it is meant to serve our best interests. And if it has grown into something it shouldn't be, and shucked off the rules of the Constitution it was based on, then it is our responsibility to rein it back in. — Gary Hansen

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If the president uses executive orders to legislate new laws, that would be an example of him subverting legislative power from Congress, and might be considered a gross perversion of the Constitution. — Gary Hansen

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This is so screwed up, they should fire somebody, even if it's the wrong guy. — Gary Hansen

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Some people can't live with themselves if somebody has to die for freedom. They can't rectify that. They would give up freedom to avoid the killings if they had to — Gary Hansen

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He's the only one of you that's ever tried to sneak up on a bad guy, and that was a million beers ago — Gary Hansen

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I believe that the United States government was set up with the help of God, and it is the closest government in the world to how God would have men govern themselves. — Gary Hansen