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In our generation there is no agreed-upon framework. All issues are up for grabs. Morality no longer has any broad-based theology upon which to rest its case. We are no longer a 'Christian nation,' not even a 'Judeo-Christian culture.' — F. LaGard Smith

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Thanks in large measure to the ACLU, the belief that there is a wall of separation between faith and state, not just church and state, is endemic. The exercise of religious faith in the public square is not prohibited; only the federal imposition of a particular faith. Hardly anyone any longer knows the difference. — F. LaGard Smith

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For that very reason we must be careful not to transform clemency into a more generalized rule of justification. That is why (among other reasons) "the thief on the cross" is such a bogus argument for faith-only salvation. Not only was water baptism physically impossible at that moment, but what we were witnessing in that incident was clemency, not justification. — F. LaGard Smith

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The ACLU's various policies regarding religious freedom in public schools are a revealing collection of anti-religious bias. — F. LaGard Smith

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If there is anything that the ACLU hates more than censorship, it is any form of public religious expression. — F. LaGard Smith

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In its heart, America knew that racial segregation was wrong. In its heart, America knows that human life begins before birth. — F. LaGard Smith

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The ACLU is not just religiously neutral, but staunchly anti-religious. Particularly, anti-Christian. — F. LaGard Smith