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My first instinct was to come rushing to you. To scream in your face, to shake you out of it... anything to get you to come back to me. But I knew that you needed to take the time on your own. We all have a different journey. — EXO Books

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It was the first time that he'd cried in a very long time. All of his emotions poured out now, in a great rush of release: it was sadness tinged with bitterness, but mostly an intensely deep feeling of loss. — EXO Books

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Even thought you can't see it, my son, things are changing. Things ALWAYS change, given enough time and pressure. The very thought of that is scary to some, but change is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. It is a simple fact of life. — EXO Books

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Sadly, history shows us that people literally scrambled their children's brains with heavy exposure to screens at young ages. Developing primate brains are wired to interact with others in a real environment, learning the enormous range of human behaviours from copying the people they love and trust, not staring mindlessly at images. — EXO Books

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It's natural to fear death, as a conscious, thinking being - it's the literal end of you. I'm not even afraid of death itself. It's more of a profound... not wanting to leave the party — EXO Books

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We all have a different journey. — EXO Books

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Your particular trip isn't done just yet. Remember that true enlightenment is never finished. Ever. Understanding is never complete. — EXO Books

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I was depressed. I guess I still am — EXO Books

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Time is one terrible enemy. — EXO Books