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For so long, the mainstays of cancer treatment have been chemotherapy and radiation. They're toxic and primitive. We need to look at it in a rational way and say, how can we help the body heal itself? — Eva Vertes

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I don't want to say, 'I want to cure cancer.' It's such a grand thing. People have been trying for so long and we're not getting very far. But I do want to try to understand it better, and I want to make some forward movement. — Eva Vertes

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When I was about 9 years old, I became very interested in the human body and diseases. In general, I was just curious about the world around me. I think that any sort of curiosity as a child is a good beginning to a career in science because science, at least to me, is a continuous exploration of the unknown. — Eva Vertes

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My grandmother was a chemist. She worked at the Banting Institute in Toronto, and at 44 she died of stomach cancer. I never met my grandmother, but I carry on her name - her exact name, Eva Vertes - and I like to think I carry on her scientific passion, too. — Eva Vertes

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It seems that cancer is a direct result to injury. If you smoke, you damage your lung tissue, and then lung cancer arises. If you drink, you damage your liver, and then liver cancer occurs. — Eva Vertes

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It is becoming clear that many diseases - especially cancer - are highly complex and may respond better to a multi-drug approach which targets many different aspects of a disease process. — Eva Vertes

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Prevention is a very important part of solving the problem of cancer. — Eva Vertes

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It's possible, although far-fetched, that in the future we could think of cancer being used as a therapy. — Eva Vertes

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Muscle is constantly being used - constantly being damaged. If every time we tore a muscle or every time we stretched a muscle or moved in a wrong way, cancer occurred - I mean, everybody would have cancer almost. — Eva Vertes

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I decided to take two years between finishing undergraduate and beginning medical school to devote fully to medical research. I knew that I wanted to go to medical school during undergraduate, but I was also eager to get a significant amount of research experience. — Eva Vertes