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He tasted all minty and fresh, and lord knows I had to have tasted all rotten, full of hate and frustration. — Ethan Day

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Kiss my fairy dust, Bitches! — Ethan Day

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I used to have Santa and the whole coal thing, but between Wade and their father, the little shits get whatever they want. They no longer feel like they need the fat bastard! — Ethan Day

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I guess we should get to it. Wade said, reaching down to pick up my skis. Yes please, my evil side thought, before being whacked over the head with a sledge hammer by my inner angel. — Ethan Day

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I tore off another chuck of muffin and stared down at my chest. I shrugged and dabbed the muffin in the cum and popped it in my mouth. "I can't believe you just did that!" "Yeah," I snarled up my lip, "didn't quite think that one through all the way. — Ethan Day

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But any idiot can see you two are gaga for one another.
As in Lady Gaga? Because I do enjoy riding Wade's disco stick and playing our own version of poker face. And even though I'm terrified we'll wind up having a bad romance, leaving me to just dance while watching Wade ride off into the sunset with Alejandro as the paparazzi followed in a frenzy, I can't seem to stop myself from loving him.
I shook the nonsense out of my head. — Ethan Day

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See what I mean," I raised my hand into the air as if offering proof. "He's pissed and all he can think about are assholes. It's like two prizes in one."
"You're sick."
"As in rad?" I asked. "Like ... you're totally sick, dude."
"As in demented," Gabe said.I scoffed, watching as he opened the gate on the SUV. "Everyone's a critic. — Ethan Day

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She's just an Italian momma. She worries a
lot." "Dude, whenever she knew you had a date, she'd call
during the day while you were at work, leaving you those disturbing messages - reading off detailed descriptions of what Jeffrey Dahmer did to his victims."
"She actually still does that." Gabe cringed, looking over at me. "She only wants me to be safe. The whole gay thing wasn't easy for her."
"Boo hoo," I said, "You're queer, not cancerous. She's had plenty of time to get the hell over it. — Ethan Day

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You win, you dirty evil butt-munch. I'll never not let you stay over again. Now let's go back to bed. — Ethan Day

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You cant ever know anyone completely, can you? I mean, we're ever changing, maturing, growing ... Each day we're confronted by new outside influences that have us forever making decisions that take us one or two steps in one direction or the other - continually altering our course. - Jason Miller — Ethan Day

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It was like you gave yourself over to me that night, Boone." Wade came over to me and placed his hands on my shoulders. "It was more passionate than anything I ever ... you ... you took my breath away. I woke up the next morning and you were gone. I was so pissed and afraid I might not ever see you again. — Ethan Day

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Don't do it gurl," he said with a wink. "You need to pretend like that phone is your best friend's husband's dick now drop it. — Ethan Day

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And hey," Gabe added, "I don't even need the second bedroom, so we could set that up as a guest room, then you and Wade can stay when you visit."
"You might want a roommate or something."
"For what ... you won't let me pay you any rent, so it's not like I need the financial assistance."
"Well a boyfriend maybe?"
"And he'd be sleeping in the second bedroom because?"
"When he's mad 'cause you won't put out, for one."
Gabe tried to shove me off him. "Don't be mean - like I wouldn't want to have sex with my boyfriend."
"I'm just teasing Sally Sensitive, sheesh."
"I do actually like having sex you know." Gabe frowned.
I gasped, placing a hand on my chest. "Lordy mercy, my little Gabe's all growed up." Gabe laughed at me. "Finally ready to stuff his Italian sausage where the sun doesn't shine! — Ethan Day

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I scowled listening to my back cracking and popping.
Either i was getting old, Wade had fucked me out of alignment, or the stress of the past week had taken more of a toll than I had previously allowed myself to imagine. — Ethan Day

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I'd purchased it before my trip to the gay rodeo with a bunch of friends many moons ago. Many horses had been saved that weekend as many cowboys had been ridden. ... — Ethan Day

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As he slowly climbed the stairs, Cassidy looked upward and vowed in Scarlett O"Hara-like fashion, "As God is my witness, I shall never kick a man who"s got my dick in his mouth again. — Ethan Day

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Instead of hearing the message he was trying to impress upon me and the impressionable queer ears hanging on his every word, all I could think was, I can't believe he just told them all how old I am.
- Jason's reaction to Chad's speech — Ethan Day

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I felt my muscles tensing as my body readied itself to flight - not fight - from whatever critter was about to spring free from beneath the branches and attack. I'd long since realized I was the type who'd always run. I'd grown up having a mother who'd continuously informed me there was no shame in living to flee another day. — Ethan Day

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Jackie had now changed her tune, clinging to me as if she liked it. "I'm irresistible, brother, he's swapping sides for me."
"I can't fight it any longer," I said, nonchalantly.
Wade shook his head at us. "I'll be sure to pass this news along to your husband, sis."
"He can have the kids," Jackie said, causing everyone to chuckle.
"We insist," I tossed in. — Ethan Day

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We made sure you got the cute, gay doctor, Lonny said, smiling at the man, shamelessly flirting. — Ethan Day

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You'll kiss me after I rim you." Wade sat up a little so he could stare me down. "But a used condom on the floor you have a problem with? — Ethan Day

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Cassidy continued to rub his chest and groaned at Ollie pleadingly. "I don"t like it. Make it stop."
"It"s just love, sweetie. It won"t kill you. I promise."
"Love totally sucks ass!"
Ollie shrugged nonchalantly. "Perhaps I"m wrong. Maybe you"re having a heart attack."
Cassidy glanced back up, hopeful. "You think?"
Ollie shook his head. "You"re one sick bitch. — Ethan Day

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Phillip laughed. "You always did give great head." "And I'll continue to - just not for you." With that I winked before walking away — Ethan Day

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Fat man, tall man, big dick, small, ain't nobody gonna have it all, he mumbled, snickering to himself. — Ethan Day

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I snatched up the cardboard cup, plastered my lips to the plastic sippy-lid and sucked down a scalding hot mouthful. It burned, but I didn't give a damn. I held the cup to my chest as if it were my most special friend while feeling the instant affect the coffee had on my mood and I smiled. Hello lover. — Ethan Day

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I finally had to tell him to please shut the fuck up already; funnily enough he didn't seem to appreciate that. I don't know why ... I'd said please. — Ethan Day

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Shut off the door and don't let the light hit you in the ass on your way out. — Ethan Day

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No sticky till I no longer feel icky, you feel me? — Ethan Day

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But sweetie, nothing says I love you like an erection. — Ethan Day