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This is stupid. Very, very stupid. I don't even have a tear-stained dog to wave bye to me. But I told everyone I was gonna do this, so I gotta do it... or I will be living a life of feminist-sounding somedays. And I will be more responsible, powerful, and amazing afterward. I will be able to do anything and not self-consciously stare at elevator numbers when the doors close.
I will look the other person in right the eye and nod hello. — Erika Lopez

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What doesn't kill you will eventually turn you on — Erika Lopez

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Cynicism is a boring and dull old man's disease people have no business getting when they're young. — Erika Lopez

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I wanted to walk away in denial, watch the news and believe the cat was faking the whole thing for attention. — Erika Lopez

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Everyone hopes to go through life and find their burning bush that tells them what they're here for. Some never find it. And some find their burning bush goes away with a little prescription cream. — Erika Lopez

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Really, I want to get this individualistic-thing down. I want to walk across the football field alone without looking like the last one picked to play soccer. I never was a cheerleader, I was a slut on my own with the thinking that if a tree has a good time and no one's around to hear it, it's not a slut. But sometimes you do need another tree around to double-dare you, or else you might end up doing nothing but watching TV when no one's around. — Erika Lopez