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Famous Quotes By Eric Nylund

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I don't look at it as writing a book in a videogame universe. I look at it as writing for 'Halo', which for me, transcends being just a great video game. It's evolving into a whole new mythology. — Eric Nylund

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Die? Didn't you hear? SPARTAN's never die. — Eric Nylund

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This was the problem of being a narcissist: No one appreciated you as much as you knew you deserved." Louis Piper, Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, The Morning Star. — Eric Nylund

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I know a lot more about the 'Halo' universe than the fans do. — Eric Nylund

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'Ghosts of Onyx' is the end of one chapter in the 'Halo' saga - and hopefully the start of an entirely new one! — Eric Nylund

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Kelly hesitated, then saluted.
John turned and grabbed her arm. "Come on, Spartan. Don't look back."
The truth was, it was John who didn't dare look back. If he had, he would have stayed with Sam. Better to die with a friend than leave him behind. But as much as he wanted to fight and die alongside his friend, he had to set an example for the rest of the Spartans -- and live to fight another day.
John and Kelly pushed the pressure doors shut behind them.
"Good-bye," he whispered. — Eric Nylund

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Every other Spartan on the field charged as well, hundreds of half-camouflaged armored figures, running and firing at the dazed Jackals, appearing as a wave of ghost warriors, half liquid, half shadow, part mirage, part nightmare.
They screamed a battle cry, momentarily drowning the sound of gunfire and explosion.
Tom yelled with them--for the fallen, for his friends, and for the blood of his enemies. — Eric Nylund

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Tension is the cornerstone of any good story. — Eric Nylund