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Famous Quotes By Emma Darcy

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Things aren't always what they appear,' he said softly, yet his voice carried a grim authority. 'I've spent my life searching for the ultimate, the best. All that is rare, unique, different, special. And of all I've experienced, people are the most disappointing. — Emma Darcy

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She grabbed his shirt and tore it open, buttons popping off and flying everywhere. She insinuated a knee between his thighs, meaning to apply some provocative friction to his private parts while she undid his pants. But he misread her intention. 'Oh, no, you don't, — Emma Darcy

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It does sound too easy, doesn't it? But if a man keeps saying, "I want you," a naive girl is drawn in by the ego-trip of her own desirability. The man need not be particularly attractive in
himself. It's the girl's vulnerability which traps her. A student from a co-ed school would laugh it off unless she was truly attracted, — Emma Darcy

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It has always been my opinion," Bea said musingly, "that there can be worse kinds of infidelity than the merely sexual. I'm a simple woman with a very simple outlook on life. I've always found that things work out best if you keep to certain simple rules. Right down the line. And one of the first rules for a successful marriage is loyalty to your partner. Total loyalty. — Emma Darcy

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All the words you need are to be found in the dictionary. All you have to do is put them in the right order. — Emma Darcy

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I'm opposed to segregation. It's basically antisocial and gives rise to the worst kind of sexism... When a boy or girl has been forced along the straight and narrow for an unnatural length of time, most of them rush headlong into unexplored territory at the first brush with freedom. I think it causes a lot of disillusion and unhappiness. — Emma Darcy

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...you were a genius and a fool. A genius for what you were capable of doing and a fool for what you did. — Emma Darcy