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Famous Quotes By Elena D. Calin

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When you associate pleasure and pain, at the same time, to a certain purpose in your mind, you sabotage yourself; you'll be two steps forward and one back. — Elena D. Calin

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Second letter from Mom:
So! What if you colored the world? This still does not seem a great thing. In fact it seems very natural that you eventually got to paint the entire world. Those colors of yours were always strange; they didn't go away since you were born. — Elena D. Calin

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I am Happiness and Happiness is me. — Elena D. Calin

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Now, everybody is searching for managers with a little dose of leadership (not too much but it should be clearly there). Some "bosses" say that their employees either have leadership skills or they don't, that this is an innate ability. Others think leadership can be learned and they train their employees through various courses on this topic. The main aspect to observe here is that the majority of employers do not train or want their employees to become "distinct" leaders and follow their path in the world. They want and train them to stay in their company and successfully deliver more to the company. Of course, the rule is validated by exceptions, so there are companies that give birth, from their environment and trainings, to great and very influential leaders. — Elena D. Calin

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Hortensio finishes reading the letter and puts it back into his shell. Then he makes himself even more comfortable on his leaves, looking at the starry sky, at how clear it was, as he could see it through the window of the room, and felt proud and happy. I mean, after all, how many can say that they have colored the world with their own colors? — Elena D. Calin

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The leader goes also to the less traditional networking meetings. The manager participates in networking events organized and promoted. — Elena D. Calin

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Leaders fight for freedom of action. Managers struggle to understand the rules and staying in their parameters. — Elena D. Calin

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Accept that you'll never please everyone and you're on your way to pleasing the right ones. — Elena D. Calin

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And Hortensio falls asleep happily and starts snoring, although nobody could hear him snoring, because nobody can hear the noises that snails make, all around the world. — Elena D. Calin