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One of the sad features of most close relationships is the decay of intimacy as a function of time, turmoil, and all the little misunderstandings that inevitably occur between people, leading them, year in and year out, toward the same tired conclusions: conversation falters; friendships fail. — Donald Antrim

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The problems in describing a person are essentially problems of knowing a person. — Donald Antrim

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There is nothing more seductive - and dangerous - than being listened to. — Donald Antrim

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It is true that there is nothing like a blaze in the hearth to soothe the nerves and restore order to a house. — Donald Antrim

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I left the house at around midnight and crept up the driveway to the road. I wore canvas sneakers, athletic socks, safari shorts, a tee-shirt, and had the bright purple knapsack containing Jim's cold, hard foot, a garden trowel, a box of candles and matches to light them, a library copy of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, and some fig bars for a snack. — Donald Antrim

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Have you ever noticed?
people, no matter how beautiful or desirable, invariably will, if observed closely while going about their daily business of keeping alive, begin to seem like monsters. — Donald Antrim

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Choice, with its inevitable invitations to loss, is always such a trial. — Donald Antrim

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But to say that the race is the metaphor for the life is to miss the point. The race is everything. It obliterates whatever isn't racing. Life is the metaphor for the race. — Donald Antrim

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Let him hurl these pieces of toast like new and radical ideas that must be cast into the world. Pieces of toast like angry children who will hit us and upset us and change our ways of thinking and feeling. — Donald Antrim

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We eat pancakes to escape loneliness, yet within moments we want nothing more than our freedom from ever having so much as thought about pancakes. Nothing can prevent us, after eating pancakes, from feeling the most awful regret. After eating pancakes, our great mission in life becomes the repudiation of the pancakes and everything served along with them, the bacon and the syrup and the sausage and coffee and jellies and jams. But these things are beneath mention, compared with the pancakes themselves. It is the pancake
Pancakes! Pancakes!
that we never learn to respect. — Donald Antrim

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The simple question 'What color do you want to paint that upstairs room?' might, if we follow things to their logical conclusions, be stated: 'How do I live, knowing that I will one day die and leave you? — Donald Antrim

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Human beings in stressful relationships will frequently behave in ways that contradict or even reverse their own most certain expectations. — Donald Antrim

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I hope that you will be faced with difficult choices and decisions, trials that won't undo you, but that will drive you toward reflection and understanding. Trust that your fears will sometimes tell you about your desires. You will see that you can survive the terror that comes with growth and change, with vulnerability and risk. — Donald Antrim

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...my insides were ulcerous from coffee and terror. — Donald Antrim

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There is such a thing as the courage in remaining baffled. — Donald Antrim