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Famous Quotes By Dojyomaru

Dojyomaru Quotes 1790205

This country had originally been born through many races working together. As a result, a member of the race with the largest population, a human, became the king, but in order to protect the rights of the other races, the commanders of the army, navy, and air force would be chosen from the other races.

So, if a tyrant took the throne and began oppressing the other races, the system had been set up so that the armies of the Three Dukedoms, being larger than the Forbidden Army, could remove him. Turning that around, if one of the Three Dukedoms was plotting to usurp the throne, the system was set up in a way that if even one of the armies were to side with the king, the rebellion could be put down. — Dojyomaru

Dojyomaru Quotes 1381358

Our country, which is situated in the southeast of the continent, shares a border with three countries: the Union of Eastern Nations to the north, the Principality of Amidonia to the west, and the Turgis Republic to the southwest. Also, across the sea to the south east there is the Kuzuryu Archipelago Union. In addition, to the west of Amidonia, the mercenary state Zem could also be called one of our surrounding countries. Of these, zero are friendly, four our neutral, and one is hostile. — Dojyomaru

Dojyomaru Quotes 1751242

This Kingdom had a total Manpower of around 100,000 troops. They were divided like so:

40,000 in the army, led by Duke Georg Carmine.
10,000 in the navy, led by Dutchess Excel Walter.
1,000 in the air force, led by Duke Castor Vargas.
(However, one wyvern knight was said to be equivalent to 100 soldiers from the army.)


Now, the remaining troops, numbering a little over forty thousand, belong to the Forbidden Army, but they were two further divided with that. — Dojyomaru