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Famous Quotes By Dixy Gandhi

Dixy Gandhi Quotes 1837385

The shadows. They never leave you. They keep dancing
around you a bit too loud in sunlight, and then keep a lingering
presence in moonlight. But always there. Our constant
companion", he remarked.
"Not true," Sheekha replied." They leave us in our darkest
hours. — Dixy Gandhi

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What did you learn?"
"Letting go of my past, because it's all soot, nothing is left
of it, if I wandered there for long I would be running in circles
in the dark, no hope, no life. And if I chose to live in those
places rebuilt from ashes, I can never get rid of the darkness
which would prevail underneath."
"The present is my ray of hope. I could have stayed there,
complaining about the gloominess of the light, and regretting
not having turned a corner to explore a new horizon at the same
time I needed to respect that light because it was my savior from
the dark. I learnt it finally and that's why I reached here today
and found you — Dixy Gandhi

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I'm not suffering Trisha, I've never suffered all these years, someone long back taught me by example that its very easy to be content with one's solitude. I've enjoyed mine all these years. — Dixy Gandhi

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Mudit was smoking for me I wasn't ready to give up.
Arjun was the Alcohol Anonymous, I wasn't even ready to
enroll; someone had to make me forcefully join it — Dixy Gandhi

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She was still looking; I could pass as an Indian I thought. I
was part Indian too and that was the precaution I was taking from
getting mugged, a fact which I vehemently fought against back
home and was keen to adopt here. Gosh, I was a rotten hypocrite. — Dixy Gandhi

Dixy Gandhi Quotes 234688

Such is my bliss that I fail to see,
You're surreal, you're a fantasy
If it's a dream, don't wake me
In this heaven just let me be
Let me be lost, and never be found
To Walk away with you, spellbound. — Dixy Gandhi

Dixy Gandhi Quotes 520733

Pain is the only pleasure in the world, this is the biggest paradox! — Dixy Gandhi

Dixy Gandhi Quotes 1106145

Everything is aiming towards perfection;
the universe is expanding to reach the perfect size."
..."The final destination is perfection but we need to learn a
lot before we reach there. I agree with you now — Dixy Gandhi

Dixy Gandhi Quotes 1486990

Loneliness is imposed by society, it kills you and solitude
is self inflicted. I enjoy my solitude — Dixy Gandhi

Dixy Gandhi Quotes 1928134

You have the power to kill, in the knife you hold
But for centuries my story will be told."
"A weapon you not need to be able to kill,
Just a fair knowledge of Achilles' heel — Dixy Gandhi