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Something is conscious of us. It listens as it plays upon the
instruments that we are. It takes delight in the cacophony, an
orchestration so grand it is far beyond our contemplation. It is
masterful, elegant, swift, and awesome. It is the Song of the
Universe - and more. It is our Composer, and one who loves
beyond conditions, beyond the beyond. If the law of 'as above, so
below' holds true, then we too are composers. We too sing songs
that breathe shape into reality. But are we listening? Are we
paying attention to the compositions we create? — Dielle Ciesco

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After I nodded, she continued. We can no longer express with words our emotional states, our revelations, our transformations. Words fail. We are in the very beginning stages of what might take years or even decades of transition. The human race is developing a Universal Language. The practices that will assist humanity - and assist you - in reaching this higher communication will include all the things I'll share with you: vocal exploration, meditation, and energetic practices such as chi gong and yoga. Through these techniques, you are going to completely overhaul your nervous system and your energetic makeup to allow the emergence of this language within you. — Dielle Ciesco

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What's more amazing is how we habitually take the power of
our voice for granted. When we bring our awareness to our voice
and learn to express it in new ways - with impeccability - we
rediscover our true message. Your voice is the key to unlocking
the power and magnificence of your message. This work isn't
about singing on key, finding the right words, leaving out 'ums'
and 'uhs' and articulating clearly. This is about allowing and
accepting your Magical Self. Let's talk about how words create
you. — Dielle Ciesco