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Famous Quotes By Dani Harper

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Everything ok?"
"My brother is just being brotherly again. Connor can't stand that I'm out here. I finally had to promise him that if a man dropped out of the sky, I'd date him."
"Really? Bet you didn't count on meeting someone with a helicopter."
She opened her mouth and closed it again, momentarily stunned. — Dani Harper

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When the going gets tough, the tough get salted caramel cappuccinos. — Dani Harper

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By the time she yanked on her old jeans and a battered plaid flannel shirt, she felt almost normal. Calm, as she plugged in the coffee pot. But the nightmare was still very much on her mind, because it wasn't a dream ...
It was a memory. — Dani Harper

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Romans and fairies and death dogs, oh my. — Dani Harper

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I'm no werewolf, and I'm tired of hearing the word. I'm a Changeling, okay? And either you trust me or we call it quits right here. It was Travis's turn to fold his arms, as if he was daring her to convince him. — Dani Harper

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I'm almost used to you showing up without shoes, but where the hell are your pants? — Dani Harper

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There is nothing like the moment you connect with a reader! Nothing like the response that you get when what you have written touches someone in some way. It's a moment in which your work is almost a co-creation, you and the reader joining forces to make your words live. — Dani Harper

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The Tylwyth Teg were immortal beings, but the burden of living for endless millennia was often tedium. It was one reason that the Fair Ones tended to play terrible pranks upon mortals. Like bored children, they sprang upon the unwary, seeking diversion. So it had been when a weary Celtic warrior turned reluctant gladiator had fought his way to freedom at last. Wounded and near death, pursued by his former captors, he'd blundered straight into the territory of the Tylwyth Teg in the steep hills northwest of Isca Silurum ... . — Dani Harper

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Travis ignored her protests as he pulled his cell phone from his pocket, thankful anew for that little Changeling quirk that allowed him to retain his clothes and everything that was within his aura each time he shifted. Christ, if life was like the movies, he'd end up naked and penniless every damn time he ran as a wolf. No wonder Hollywood werewolves were insane with rage. Probably pissed off at the sheer inconvenience of their lives. — Dani Harper

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I can honestly, genuinely say that I just don't get bored. Life fascinates me The world fascinates me. Words fascinate me. People fascinate me. Even in extreme circumstances (like being in line at the DMV ... ), I have so much going on in my mind that I'm never, ever bored. Tired, cranky, occasionally wanting to kill something, but never bored. — Dani Harper

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Okay, okay, you win. One-just one- date. But that's all." She didn't look at Josh, just stalked off toward the nearest exit. "Do you get all your dates by blackmail?"
"Nope," he said cheerily as he easily kept pace with her. "Only the ones that matter — Dani Harper

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Come with me if you want to live."
Neva stared at the enormous hand the stranger extended her. Her gaze followed the black leather-clad arm up to the massive shoulders, the strong jaw, and the thick lock of wavy blonde hair hanging over his dark glasses. "You have so got to be kidding me," she said.
He shrugged. "I always wanted to say that line. Except I'm not kidding. — Dani Harper

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Rhys was hot enough to bake cookies on. — Dani Harper

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Computers are heaven-sent when they work and hell-spawn when they don't.
There's just not much middle ground when it comes to technology. — Dani Harper

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As she peeked through the curtains with the phone in her hand, waiting for the police dispatcher to pick up, she realized there was one thing she did know about the naked stranger in her yard. He had, without a doubt, the finest butt on the planet. — Dani Harper

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If you hear voices, you're a lunatic. If you write down what they say, you're an author. — Dani Harper

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Magic is magic. It isn't good or bad in and of itself. It's the intent that matters. Ideally, you treat magic as a gift and you use it to influence natural forces to help and to heal. It's a positive act. — Dani Harper

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Maybe she'd remember him as a pain in the ass. Or maybe, he hoped most of all, that she'd remember what she told him: "You can be a real jerk sometimes, but you're decent."
As epitaphs went, it wasn't bad. — Dani Harper

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Rhys - if that was even his real name - either believed what he was saying or he was a prime candidate for an Oscar. Because try as Morgan might, she couldn't see any evidence that he was lying. He had to be crazy then, but everything about the whole situation was insane. After all, she was standing in her front yard in her pajamas, holding a naked man at the point of a garden hoe. She'd taken assertive action when she'd seen him lying in the grass, assuming he was drunk or something. Well, she'd gotten the upper hand all right. Now what was she supposed to do with the guy? — Dani Harper

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He sniffed her. The rubbery black nose inhaled deeply as it passed back and forth over her face, along her throat, her ears. Jeez, it was like being vacuumed-only most Hoovers didn't have the potential to bite her face off. — Dani Harper

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Although only three legs would obey him, the white wolf began to run. Run, to outpace the agony that could rip and tear a human heart. Run, to outdistance the human grief that could not be borne. Run, to be as the moon, a swift white shape gleaming in the night. Run, to be a wolf and only a wolf.
As he raced away into the welcoming arms of the night, James was only fleetingly aware that he had just buried his human self alongside Evelyn.
And then he was aware of nothing. — Dani Harper

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It's a difficult truth to face that some people choose to define themselves by the pain they feel or the wrongs they've suffered. They're not going through hard times so much as making all times hard. — Dani Harper

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Shit. Shit. Shit. He'd known he couldn't save her. He'd known he was too far away. Knowing didn't prevent the bare-knuckled punch to his heart, though. — Dani Harper