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Extravagance was a political necessity. — Dan Jones

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Rebels depend on willful gullibility. — Dan Jones

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The king's "only interest in government was a pious but simpleminded desire for reproachment — Dan Jones

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Believing that Edward's men were at a safe distance in Worcester, Simon's men were unprepared for attack. They did not realize that Edward and Gloucester had spies among them, including a female transvestite called Margoth. — Dan Jones

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What I see is not what I am looking at but what I am looking with. And so my first and principal duty ... is to find my eyes of love. — Dan Jones

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he was tried and hanged at Northampton on July 23. (During his trial he claimed that his pet cat had become possessed by the devil and incited him to his crimes. The cat was also hanged.) But — Dan Jones

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He wasn't an especially charismatic or commanding individual, but what he lacked in personality he emphatically made up for in diligence. — Dan Jones

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He was munificent and liberal to outsiders, but a plunderer of his people, trusting strangers rather than his subjects. . . . [H]e was eventually deserted by his own men and in the end, little mourned. — Dan Jones

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A typical plague victim developed large, tumorlike buboes on the skin; they started the size of almonds and grew to the size of eggs. They were painful to the touch and brought on hideous deformities when they grew large. A bubo under the arm would force the arm to lurch uncontrollably out to the side; sited on the neck, it would force the head into a permanently cocked position. The buboes were frequently accompanied by dark blotches, known as God's tokens, an unmistakable sign that the sufferer had been touched by the angel of death. Accompanying these violent deformities, the victim often developed a hacking cough that brought up blood and developed into incessant vomiting. He gave off a disgusting stench, which seemed to leak from every part of his body - his saliva, breath, sweat, and excrement stank overpoweringly - and eventually he began to lose his mind, wandering around screaming and collapsing in pain. — Dan Jones

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While Edward was accustomed to fighting on foot, Warwick was said by one chronicler to prefer to run with his men into battle before mounting on horseback, "and if he found victory inclined to his side, he charged boldly among them; if otherwise he took care of himself in time and provided for his escape. — Dan Jones

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As with many tragedies, our story opens in a moment of triumph. — Dan Jones

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eagle chicks left in the same nest would soon come to vicious fighting. — Dan Jones

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He was more than comfortable with the language of imperious persuasion. — Dan Jones

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Perhaps most surprising of all, the deposed and imprisoned King Henry was not murdered. This had been the fate of the two Plantagenet kings who had lost their crowns before him: Edward II died while in custody at Berkeley Castle in 1327, while Richard II was killed at Pontefract in 1400, the year following his deposition. Ironically, Henry's survival was perhaps a mark of his uniquely pitiful and ineffectual approach to kingship - for it was much harder to justify killing a man who had done nothing evil or tyrannical, but had earned his fate thanks to his dewy-eyed simplicity. Permitting Henry to remain alive was a bold decision that Edward IV would come to regret. But in 1465 it must have struck the king as a brave and magnanimous act. — Dan Jones

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Then a far more grotesque and insulting marriage was arranged between the twenty-year-old John Woodville and Katherine Neville, Warwick's aunt and the dowager duchess of Norfolk. Katherine was not only a four-time widow but also about sixty-five years old. — Dan Jones

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Much of the outward business of kingship came naturally. — Dan Jones

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Sears is offering free $10 gift cards to the first few hundred shoppers. So that may have something to do with the early crowd. — Dan Jones

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He was the only figure able to hold the peace between his uncle — Dan Jones

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Early in 1203 John sent instructions to the royal servant Hubert de Burgh, who was serving as Arthur's jailer, demanding that he should blind and castrate his prisoner. Fortunately for Arthur, de Burgh felt a pang of conscience and could not carry out the grisly sentence on the sixteen-year-old, who pleaded for pity. — Dan Jones

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Here was a king who saw his subjects as peers and allies around whom he had growing up rather than semi-alien entities to be suspected and persecuted. — Dan Jones

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IBM customers of any size can now rest assured that Double-Take, the most innovative, flexible and reliable data protection solution on the market, is proven to integrate easily into their IBM infrastructure. — Dan Jones