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Famous Quotes By Cynthia Sax

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Do you want to receive a text from Friendly?" he finally asks. — Cynthia Sax

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Mr. Good Lookin' Is Cookin'." I read the message on the apron. — Cynthia Sax

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There's nowhere on earth I'd rather be than right here." Hawke's low rumble rolls over me, lighting fires we have no time to tend. "There are many reasons to go to war. Some men fight for their children. Some men fight for the glory. Some men fight because their fathers fought and their grandfathers fought. I fought to protect moments like these, the quiet moments everyone takes for granted. — Cynthia Sax

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My entire life sucked." He nuzzles his chin into my hair. "And I didn't realize it until I met you. — Cynthia Sax

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Suck my breasts, Barrel," she instructed. "Cover me with your nanocybotics." All — Cynthia Sax

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hate work." Her voice is muffled. "Everyone hates work." My lips twitch. "That's why they have to pay us to show up." Cyndi mumbles a reply, her words inaudible. If she's at the I-hate-work stage of her morning routine, she'll be in her bedroom for another half an hour. I can't wait for her. "I — Cynthia Sax

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Lights flicker, flash, dim. I fall into the blackness. — Cynthia Sax

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Want and need are not the same things either. A want can be foregone. It is voluntary, a nice-to-have.

A need is required, a necessity. If he needed me, I'd be essential for his success, for his happiness. — Cynthia Sax

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When I tire of you, when you no longer satisfy my needs - " She shook with want and need and an endless yearning. "You'll kill me, sir. — Cynthia Sax

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Serving others also requires a talent for observation," Hawke murmurs in my ear. "She'll approach the table to her right next, ask the woman in the red shirt if she'd like her bill." My mom does exactly that, her lips moving as she gathers the dirty dishes. The customer nods and pulls her wallet out of her no-name vinyl purse. "How did you know she'd do that?" I ask. "I look for threats. You look for fashions." He splays his fingers over me, his grip thrillingly secure. "Your mom looks for needs her customers might have." "Everyone sees what they want to see," I conclude. "The average person sees very little." Hawke pushes me toward the counter. "Very few of us pay attention. — Cynthia Sax

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A distracted marine is a dead marine, — Cynthia Sax

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I want to mark him permanently, brand him as mine. I grab my ankles to keep from grabbing him, digging my short, blunt nails into my flesh, the pain heightening my pleasure. — Cynthia Sax

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Do I?" he finally asks.

"Do you what?" I don't know what he's referring to.

"Do I make you happy?" Nate's gaze meets mine. He's heartbreakingly serious. "Am I enough for you? — Cynthia Sax

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Manufacturing offspring had damaged his female's emotional system. He — Cynthia Sax

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The things I previously thought were important - fashion, money, pride, belonging - mean nothing if I lose Hawke. — Cynthia Sax

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Every cyborg on board would know that he couldn't control his female. Again. "You're — Cynthia Sax