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Vivienne Westwood really inspires me. I love her punk ethos. — Charli XCX

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Fashion is meant to be wild and expressive. I love colour but I also love basics - grungy minimalism mixed with this kind of broken-down cheerleader, is my thing. — Charli XCX

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I always look at my favourite photographs or favourite movies by James Bidgood or Sofia Coppola before I write my songs - they put me in the right frame of mind. — Charli XCX

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I don't want to be a pop star. I want to be a nursery-rhyme star! — Charli XCX

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I just want people to feel the emotion that's in the record. For me it's very raw and beautiful, I guess it's kind of like a diary for me. I'd love for people to be able to listen to it and it make them dance and cry and the same time. — Charli XCX

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I was inspired by movies like 'Jawbreaker'and 'Carrie' for the 'Break the Rules' video. I never went to prom when I was at school so this was kind of me living out my weird fantasy of what prom would be like in my head. I asked Rose McGowan to be in the video and I never ever thought she would say yes, but she did ... so she came to prom too ... And she trashed it. ;) — Charli XCX

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I'm very closed off when it comes to working with people, I'm very selective. — Charli XCX

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Everyone's just a freak, but some people are trying to hide it and some people embrace it. — Charli XCX

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[My mom] worries about me going and taking drugs, whereas my dad advises me on what drugs to take and what ones not to take. So, they're very different. — Charli XCX

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I was really selfish, and I didn't want to listen to anyone. Then I started working with some really amazing people, traveling more, and figuring out who I was as a person - looking at different things, listening to different music. — Charli XCX

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I think true romance is dry schizophrenic ... but life would be so boring without true love, so I guess you just roll with it. — Charli XCX

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I love the rawness in fashion. — Charli XCX

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When I first started, I wasn't really aware of anything in the industry or aware of who I really was. I just put my music out there and tried to get as many people to hear it as possible. — Charli XCX

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I know some people are like "I'm depressed and I'm a struggling artist" and that really works for some people, but that doesn't work for me. I have to be really happy, even when I'm writing my depressing songs; I have to come through that stage before I can write. I have to be in a good place. I'm a positive person. — Charli XCX

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I've never been to New Zealand actually. All I know is that there's a lot of greenery there. I'd love to come and play a show there sometime soon for sure! — Charli XCX

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I like the whole laid-back rapping. I wish I could rap! I wish I could wrap like Azealia Banks or Lil Wayne or someone like that ... — Charli XCX

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I've been thinking about where I want to take my live show. I want everything in it to be pink, gold, and black. I don't want people to feel any other colors, like brown or yellow. — Charli XCX

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For me, romance is only 'true' when there are two sides to it. I think to have true romance you have to have the moments where you feel alone and you're crying and you feel like your heart's about to break ... as well as the moments where you're floating through this orgasmic dream state. — Charli XCX

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A great song can make you cry and transport you to another dimension. — Charli XCX

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I used to hate swimming at school so much that I would always sneak downstairs in the middle of the night and take my swimming costume out of my gym bag and hide it in the house somewhere. Then I'd never have to go swimming at school. This went on for months and I never got caught and my Mum turned into a nervous wreck because the thought she was losing her memory ... and then one day she caught me and got super angry. That was kind of bad. — Charli XCX

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A good song can make you smile, or it can make you dance or laugh or remind you of a moment. — Charli XCX

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I see music in colours. I love music that's black, pink, purple or red - but I hate music that's green, yellow or brown. — Charli XCX