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Famous Quotes By Carrie Snyder

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A short list of things to fear: the hills opening up, automatic weaponry, macho posturing, stepping on a mine, thrown into the air, engulfed in flames, ambush. What Juliet fears: snakes. — Carrie Snyder

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We are the sum of our actions, and of our inactions, yes, that is easy enough to understand. What comes harder is finding ourselves the sum of our emotions, which flicker, altered by experience, by the things we cannot bear to tell ourselves, by the trouble we accrue, the flattening and tamping down as we learn how not to be hurt. As we learn protection and the easiest means of protection. — Carrie Snyder

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Surprising choice proves hardest to come by. Most choices, even the disastrous ones, are predictable. — Carrie Snyder

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Ancient fame carries a whiff of notoriety. People forget,or no longer care. One grows into another version of loneliness. — Carrie Snyder

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You can die of sadness? thinks Juliet; the idea encrusts a soft centre of pure terror. — Carrie Snyder

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Under every layer of pain, another layer of recovery lies in wait, the sweet, forever surprising truth of endurance. — Carrie Snyder

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Nurse. Registered Massage therapist. Yoga instructor. She considered al of the above programs and costed out notions, and returned, always, to the library, to its heat, the fragrance of dried pages like pressed leaves, its quietude. Something else is present here too: oscuridad - the Spanish word for darkness, which Juliet believes contains so much more than its translation. The oscuridad in here mirrors her own: one tiny darkness amidst the darkness of a multitude of minds seeking illumination, dead and alive trapped in dormant words. She thinks she can hear the oscuridad, her cheek pressed to the fake wood of the carrel she has earned; she can hear it, even though the library's lights are forever on. — Carrie Snyder

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The boat heaves and plunges, temporarily weightless awash. Juliet believes it is unsinkable. She also believes that taxis and buses never crash, that every movie that ever makes it to the theatre must be objectively good, and that her own hands clasped in a certain special formation across her waist will act as effectively as a seatbelt in a moment of emergency. — Carrie Snyder

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When I am running I inhabit and exit my body in the same moment. I bear witness to the harshest of physical sensations, even while I feel myself flying free and away. I do not want to remember what has happened to me. I do not want to reflect on the past. I can't in a way. I'm not made for regrets. — Carrie Snyder

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Hockey is a violent sport that rewards angry men and boys. Ringette is an unsolved feminine mystery. — Carrie Snyder

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She thinks: A gift is a gift; you don't get to choose, whether it be a secret kept, a polite falsehood, a book you've already read, or a sweater that does not fit. You open it, you open your mind, you do not think about how you might use it or whether indeed it is any use to you. You understand that the giver is giving you what she can, that she is doing her best.
You say thank you. — Carrie Snyder

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People we love do disappoint us (...). We don't have to love them less for it. Maybe we have to love them more. — Carrie Snyder

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Life is nothing like a choose your own adventure. Except for when it is, in its randomness: a cancer sell splitting and spreading ruthlessly within the bloodstream; a storm raising on a deadly lake. Except for when it is, in the way the ending changes - in memory in meaning father than substance. — Carrie Snyder

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How is life a shaped? By parentage, siblings, calss and religion, by schooling, vocational choices, by friends, partnerships, children, by place and time, by illness and accident, and sometimes, but most rarely, by surprising choice. — Carrie Snyder