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Famous Quotes By Caleb Carr

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Absolutely nothing brings out the killer instinct in the upper crust of New York Society like a charity function. — Caleb Carr

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there's plenty of stories that need telling what never get told, just because people can't bear the listening. My — Caleb Carr

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You want to believe that there's one relationship in life that's beyond betrayal. A relationship that's beyond that kind of hurt. And there isn't. — Caleb Carr

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People are disturbed enough by serial killers, but the whole notion of female violence, particularly maternal violence - the idea of mothers who kill - really unnerves people. — Caleb Carr

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Every human being must find his own way to cope with severe loss, and the only job of a true friend is to facilitate whatever method he chooses. — Caleb Carr

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The defenders of decent society and the disciples of degeneracy are often the same people. — Caleb Carr

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Warfare against civilians must never be answered in kind. Terror must never be answered with terror. — Caleb Carr

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I feel horribly vindicated. Three thousand people died who didn't have to die. — Caleb Carr

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I, like most of my friends, couldn't believe I bought a mountain called Misery Mountain, because it was so appropriate. — Caleb Carr

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Imagine, [Kriezler] said, that you enter a large, somewhat crumbling hall that echoes with the sounds of people mumbling and talking repetitively to themselves. All around you these people fall into prostrate positions, some of them weeping. Where are you? Sara's answer was immediate: in an asylum. Perhaps, Kreizler answered, but you could also be in a church. In the one place the behavior would be considered mad; in the other, not only sane, but as respectable as any human activity can be. — Caleb Carr

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Scientists' minds may jump around like amorous toads, but they do seem to accept such behavior in one another. — Caleb Carr

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It didn't make any more sense to me then than it does now, how life can pile troubles up on a man what don't deserve them, while letting some of the biggest jackasses and scoundrels alive waltz their way through long, untroubled existences. — Caleb Carr

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I wanted nothing less than to be a fiction writer when I was a kid. If you had told me I would be an artist or novelist when I grew up, I would have laughed in your face. — Caleb Carr

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So if it seems that some of what I'll have to say in the pages to come doesn't reflect the mellowing of age, that's only because I've never found that life and memories respond to time the way that tobacco does. — Caleb Carr

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Still, it's an interesting technique-leaving one person behind in order to find her or him somewhere else. And in someone else. — Caleb Carr

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The definition of terrorism is killing civilians with the intent of changing their political affiliation. — Caleb Carr

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I'm still a firm believer that we were definitely put here to use our minds, and that is what makes us different. And that that's the key. If there is anything that is going to stop mankind from being such a beastly, destructive creature, it is reason. — Caleb Carr

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It is the greatest truth of our age: Information is not knowledge. — Caleb Carr

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She has that quality, does the Hudson, as I imagine all great rivers do: the deep, abiding sense that those activities what take place on shore among human beings are of the moment, passing, and aren't the stories by way of which the greater tale of this planet will, in the end, be told. — Caleb Carr

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I have a grim outlook on the world, and in particular on humanity. Spent years denying it, but I am very misanthropic. And I live alone on a mountain for a reason. — Caleb Carr

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I'm a fairly ascetic person. And I do most of my writing at night. You don't get distracted, your brain goes into what you are writing about, into the world you're writing about, rather than into the world you're in. — Caleb Carr

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I get in trouble when I say things like, 'I'm attracted to violence.' I was a pretty angry kid, and I got into military history largely as a way to vent my own anger. As I got older it narrowed down to a more specific focus on individual violence. I'm just trying to understand where it came from. — Caleb Carr

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I have to be very careful, however, because I have no intention of providing an excuse for this behavior. It's an attempt to explain how so many women come from backgrounds where the pressure to be a good mother is so severe that if they can't do it, something really snaps. — Caleb Carr

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People would rather be deceived than have the truth cause them anxiety — Caleb Carr