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But lost in that sea of (valid) criticism is the perhaps subtler critique that in an age of consumerism, economic imperialism and what Martin Luther King Jr. called "jumboism," the sacrificial way of Jesus may be calling us to forsake the supersized life. — C. Christopher Smith

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As someone once said, we're in the world but not of the world, so we can be for the world. — C. Christopher Smith

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In conversation we are sustained by the wisdom of those who have gone before us. We are also empowered to discern how we will face the challenges of both the present and the future. Reading is essential to this conversational way of life, as we often cannot literally converse with our forbears or with those who are following similar vocations in other places. We read as a way of listening to the wisdom of others. The conversation continues as we reply to this wisdom both internally and externally. Internally, we reply as we grapple to make sense of this wisdom in our own context. Externally, we reply to our reading as we discuss it with our church or work community. — C. Christopher Smith

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The conviction that, in Christ, God has reconciled all humanity and all creation leaves no room for nationalism. — C. Christopher Smith

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The level of rhetoric and discourse [in the election season] has been so divisive. I think it is important to remind believers that their identity is in Christ, and that we are called to unity and reconciliation. In my own church there are Republicans, Democrats and Independents. We are wanting to call people to remember that only in Jesus is there ultimate hope. — C. Christopher Smith

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Open-handed generosity and caring for the poor and marginalized as if we were caring for Jesus himself are extensions of our worship. — C. Christopher Smith

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In addition to the transience of their members, churches themselves face a crisis of hypermobility. Many churches have put down only shallow roots in their neighborhood, or no roots at all. We've all heard the question, "If our church suddenly moved to a new location fifteen miles away, would anyone in our neighborhood notice we were gone?" But what if we asked ourselves this question: "If our church was magically lifted off the ground and moved to a location fifteen miles away, would we notice the difference?" Western churches have become so disentangled from their own places that this question could be a cold, hard look in the mirror for many faith communities. — C. Christopher Smith

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the fuller story of the New Testament is that God's people have been resurrected as the body of Christ. Just as Jesus is the embodiment of the shalom that God intends for creation, the church's role in the drama of Creation is likewise to be the embodiment of God's shalom, albeit in a form that hasn't yet been fully realized. — C. Christopher Smith

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You can't franchise the kingdom of God. — C. Christopher Smith