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B.C. Burgess Quotes & Sayings

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Famous Quotes By B.C. Burgess

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I'll kiss you every hour... of everyday — B.C. Burgess

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She stood naked on the edge of a cliff, towering over a gray ocean, waves crashing below as wind whistled through the forest behind her. The only source of light was the moon, its rippling reflection littering the sea with diamonds. — B.C. Burgess

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Layla tried to maintain eye contact, but couldn't. "You're not used to compliments," he concluded. "No," she confessed, looking back up. "Not ones like that." "That's too bad," he scowled, but then he raised his eyebrows. "We'll have to change that. — B.C. Burgess

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Layla. You've overcome so many obstacles in your short life already. If anyone can do this with grace and dignity, it's you. It'll be scary in a strange place with no one to turn to, but you've faced scarier things before, and you're still kickin' to tell the tale. — B.C. Burgess

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She flashed it at him. "May we do some more?" "We can do whatever you want," he agreed, sweeping her hair from her flushed face, any excuse to touch her, to capture the exhilarating energy bursting through her forgotten armor, to absorb a small yet astounding piece of a woman unlike any other. A small moment with her was worth a million moments with anyone else, and he would steal them as often as possible. — B.C. Burgess

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A peaceful moment, to imagine being the only human presence among untamed nature, but Katherine's aching absence kept it from being perfect. Every step Layla took toward the west coast felt like a step away from the woman who'd inspired her to make the journey, like she was forsaking her old life for a new one that no longer included Katherine. — B.C. Burgess