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Famous Quotes By Andrew Ferguson

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I want to go to a place where I can go to a football game, take off my shirt, paint my chest and major in beer. — Andrew Ferguson

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The counselor was a dour and distracted man who showed little obvious interest in college or higher education of any kind, particularly as it pertained to my son. He — Andrew Ferguson

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I think it was beginning to dawn on us that the kids could be damned one way or the other, depending on the school, on the composition of the committee reviewing the application, even on the disposition of an individual member of the committee. A — Andrew Ferguson

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At its most intense, the admissions process didn't force kids to be Lisa Simpson; it turned them into Eddie Haskell. ("You look lovely in that new dress, Ms. Admissions Counselor.") It guaranteed that teenagers would pursue life with a single ulterior motive, while pretending they weren't. It coated their every undertaking in a thin lacquer of insincerity. Befriending people in hopes of a good rec letter; serving the community to advertise your big heart; studying hard just to puff up the GPA and climb the greasy poll of class rank - nothing was done for its own sake. Do good; do well; but make sure you can prove it on a college app. So — Andrew Ferguson

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It is one of the paradoxes of journalism: The more servile a reporter is toward his sources, the more authoritative he can appear in print. — Andrew Ferguson

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Somewhere in the dim recesses of the journalistic soul lies the horrible suspicion: This is really a pretty shallow and maybe unseemly way for a grownup to make a living. — Andrew Ferguson

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I'm sure that's okay for a magazine or a book," he went on. "But this is the SAT. You can't get away with that stuff on the SAT. — Andrew Ferguson

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Women, churchgoers, and conservative were more likely than men, nonchurch goers, and liberals to disagree with the reductionist (neural) account of human life. — Andrew Ferguson

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Incoherence is a common hazard for journalists who dabble in ethical judgments. — Andrew Ferguson

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The word "holistic" is meant to distinguish their method from the purely numerical process at less-selective state universities or community colleges, where a committee will automatically admit any applicant with scores or grades above an explicit threshold. It's a cagey word, "holistic," borrowed from New Age yogis, Gestalt therapists, makers of herbal toothpaste, and other mystifiers whose prestige depends on your not being able to figure out exactly what they're doing. A more practical and accurate term for holistic admissions is "completely subjective." Kat — Andrew Ferguson