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Famous Quotes By Anaxagoras

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The purpose of life is the investigation of the Sun, the Moon, and the heavens. — Anaxagoras

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The forces of rotation caused red hot masses of stones to be torn away from the Earth and to be thrown into the ether, and this is the origin of the stars. — Anaxagoras

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All other things have a portion of everything, but Mind is infinite and self-ruled, and is mixed with nothing but is all alone by itself. — Anaxagoras

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The Greeks are wrong to recognize coming into being and perishing; for nothing comes into being nor perishes, but is rather compounded or dissolved from things that are. So they would be right to call coming into being composition and perishing dissolution. — Anaxagoras

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Neither is there a smallest part of what is small, but there is always a smaller (for it is impossible that what is should cease to be). Likewise there is always something larger than what is large. — Anaxagoras

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And since the portions of the great and the small are equal in number, so too all things would be in everything. Nor is it possible that they should exist apart, but all things have a portion of everything. — Anaxagoras

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The Greeks do not think correctly about coming-to-be and passing-away; for no thing comes to be or passes away, but is mixed together and dissociated from the things that are. And thus they would be correct to call coming-to-be mixing-together and passing-away dissociating — Anaxagoras

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Men would live exceedingly quiet if these two words, mine and thine, were taken away. — Anaxagoras

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The descent to Hades is the same from every place. — Anaxagoras

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The Sun is a mass of fiery stone, a little larger than Greece. — Anaxagoras

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Everything has a natural explanation. The moon is not a god, but a great rock, and the sun a hot rock. — Anaxagoras

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The sun provides the moon with its brightness. — Anaxagoras

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The descent into Hades is much the same from whatever place we start. — Anaxagoras

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It is not I who have lost the Athenians, but the Athenians who have lost me. — Anaxagoras

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Appearances are but a glimpse of what is hidden. — Anaxagoras

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Mind is god and god is Mind — Anaxagoras

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Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen. — Anaxagoras

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In everything, there is a share of everything — Anaxagoras

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Wrongly do the Greeks suppose that aught begins or ceases to be; for nothing comes into being or is destroyed; but all is an aggregation or secretion of preexisting things; so that all becoming might more correctly be called becoming mixed, and all corruption, becoming separate. — Anaxagoras

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All things were together, infinite both in number and in smallness; for the small too was infinite. — Anaxagoras

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The seed of everything is in everything else. — Anaxagoras

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There is no smallest among the small and no largest among the large, but always something still smaller and something still larger. — Anaxagoras

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And since the portions of both the large and the small are equal in amount, in this way too all things would be in everything; nor can they be separate, but all things have a portion of everything. Since there cannot be a smallest, nothing can be separated or come to be by itself, but as in the beginning now too all things are together. But in all things there are many things, equal in amount, both in the larger and the smaller of the things being separated off. — Anaxagoras