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They asked you the name of the god you worshipped and you replied, "Myself. — Amber Sparks

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Fingerprint, he writes. A map to mark the spaces you've inhabited. A map you make yourself, quadrant by quadrant, inch by inch, until the landscape of your life looks like a vast and unexplored terrain. Here there be monsters, it will say. — Amber Sparks

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She doesn't know about metaphors but she knows that even the smallest human vessel has boundless storage for sorrow. — Amber Sparks

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You were a negative, a dark absence, a clump of cells crying to come together. You were a pause in the flickering before consciousness. And when the atoms swirled, and when the skies yawned, and when a nervous god, still virgin to creation, called you forth: did you marvel at your
luck? Clumsy thumbprint of an awkward deity - did you slaughter the heavens, once freed? Did you grab the stars by their throats? Did you wear the skins of dead galaxies, your eyes ablaze with impossible fury? — Amber Sparks

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She wants him like she wanted to fly from the rooftop when she was ten, wants to throw her whole body into that catastrophe until she is utterly exhausted and dried up. — Amber Sparks

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Death is the opposite of lonely, and lonely is the only thing the janitor owns. It is the only thing that's hers. And that makes loneliness beautiful, out here among the cold and bright beginnings. — Amber Sparks

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Eventually decomposition strips you bare, even in that solid oak you've taken the shape of. You've helped, finally, to enrich something around you, by feeding the soil with your skin and fat and muscle. Now the soil is full of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and especially nitrogen. Now the soil is supremely satisfied, and you'd be okay with that. You always did like growing things. You always were better with plants than people. — Amber Sparks

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There were no books in the Afterwards, which the people thought was some serious bullshit. — Amber Sparks

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She isn't sure whether she believes in God or not, though she always told her pastor she did. She isn't sure any woman ought to believe in God. — Amber Sparks