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She struggled against him and then kicked him with her knee, right between his legs. He won't be treating her like this. Bastard. There was a fury inside her, that made her disliking of guys even bigger.
He stumbled back, his hand loosening his trip. His face is twisted in pain, and he was completely out of the breath. Angel felt satisfaction. He deserved that.
"How about this, you ignorant asshole! Keep your hands off of me and leave me alone!" she spat at his face. She barely held back, to not kick him again. — Amber M. Kestner

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I just never had a friend who cared as you do. My best friend Destiny doesn't understand me, she has a husband and a child. A life I have always wanted, but unfortunately, tables have turned to where I can't find that one guy I could love."
Angel felt bad for feeling lust for the straight woman. She should have known better.
"Jana, men have no idea what they are missing. You are as beautiful as they come and I would appreciate you more than any man would. — Amber M. Kestner

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As Jana watched Angel go to the shower, the urge to follow was right in her panties. She held herself from following and just waited until Angel got out as she finished rubbing herself off more. She could hear Angel finishing herself off in the shower, which excited her even more. She came in her panties the same time she heard Angel came in the shower, which was a sigh reliever for them both.

Jana moved away from the bathroom door and went into the kitchen to wash her hands. She saw Angel smiling.

"I am not the only one who needed pleasure by the voice of another."
Jana blushed.

"I guess not. I'm going to hop in the shower really quick, I'll be right out. — Amber M. Kestner