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I gather we're old friends."
"By my standards. I daresay you measure your friends by the years you have known them, but you're wrong. Friendship is not measured in years. — Amanda Hemingway

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Her hair was hidden under a white headdress, like some kind of wimple; she wore a long white tunic and trousers, and her skin had the pale golden hue associated in our world with Orientals. The lines of her cheekbone and jaw reminded him of pictures he had seen of the head of Nefertiti, thought her neck was longer, slightly too long for an ordinary human, and as she turned toward him he realized the planes of her face were subtly different, though it would have been hard to explain in what way. A fraction of an inch here, a fraction of an inch there, and the whole visage was somehow distorted, though its beauty remained undiminished. — Amanda Hemingway

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Do you," he murmured, "do you have any - Smarties? You brought some once, I remember, in a tube with a lid on. They were small, and many-coloured - all different colors - and they tasted very good. — Amanda Hemingway