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Demitri sent for a tray of hot, fresh coffee with four cups. the waiter who brought it tried to look into the room to see what they were doing but Demitri grabbed the tray and slammed the door.

"He probably thinks we're having an orgy," Demitri said as he set down the tray.

"An orgy with coffee?" Andreas asked.

"He has a vivid imagination. — Allyson James

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I couldn't help smiling back. Maya had decided opinions and didn't keep them to herself. "Jones had his chance, and he blew it. There's an old Navajo
saying that I think applies here: 'You snooze, you lose.' — Allyson James

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Archaeology profs aren't supernatural minions of a vengeful goddess," Patricia pointed out.

"Want to bet? — Allyson James

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A couple of your guests saw a fireball come out the sky, and the place went up. Heat lightning is what will go in the report. A freak of nature."
I'd be sure to tell Drake he was being listed as a freak of nature. I wanted to watch his face when I said it.

- Emilio Salas, Janet Begay — Allyson James

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Hey, senorita, want to throw back some margaritas with me?"

Maya gave him a scornful look as only Maya could. "Who the hell are you?"

"Your dream come true, sweetheart."

"I might puke." Maya shoved past him, her toolbox just missing his groin. "It's too early in the morning for assholes. — Allyson James

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Why are you still so damned protective of me?:
"You have to ask?"
"I do."
Mick came closer still, until his face hung an inch from mine. "If you have to ask, then you wouldn't believe my answer." He drew away and continued wiping my hands. — Allyson James

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I pulled the phone toward me and punched in the number of the sheriff's office in Flat Mesa. The deputy at the desk put me straight through. The phone made a couple of clicks, and then the sheriff's voice sounded in my ear.

"Jones," he said. Dark, biting, laconic.

"Hey, Nash. It's Janet."

There was a long silence.

"Fuck," Nash Jones said clearly, and he hung up on me. — Allyson James

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So when do we get married?" Rio asked, nuzzling her cheek. "This Bond thing is telling me to hurry up."
"You truly want it?"
He caught her gaze, his own softening. "Yes."
Nella's heart swelled with warmth, happiness. "Right away. Tomorrow, if you want."
"Good. We'll do it fast, then break it to your mother and father that you Bonded with a Shareem."
"They will already know," Nella said, laughing. "Everything that happens in the Gallery of Light is broadcast throughout the palace. The news of our Bonding will probably be all over the feeds by morning."
"Shit," Rio said, then he grinned. "Good thing I've got a great ass."
"It's beautiful."
"Glad you like it. — Allyson James