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Famous Quotes By Alan Kraft

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This is how faith changes us. It is not simply that we are trusting Jesus to help us become more holy. No. It is that we are more and more allowing the holiness of Christ to be freely expressed in us. Rather than trying to be more righteous, we actually experience His righteousness flowing through us. Rather than us trying to be more loving, we experience His love flowing through us into the people around us. Rather than us trying to have more holy desires, we experience the holy desires of Jesus. This is what sanctification looks like. This is what it means to drink deeply of Jesus. The more deeply and frequently we drink, the more fully His life is expressed through us. — Alan Kraft

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For many Christ-followers, the Bible is a book of principles to show us how to live. No wonder we struggle to spend time in the Word - how excited are you about spending time reading a to-do list that's 1,500 pages long? When we view the Bible primarily as a book of principles for living, we miss the point. The point of the Bible is not principles but a Person. Jesus said in John 5:39, "These are the Scriptures that testify about me." He is the point. If our interaction with the Word isn't resulting in a deepening intimacy with Jesus, a deepening experience of His love and grace, we are missing something huge. — Alan Kraft

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I believe that the Gospel was never intended to solely be the wedding music of our relationship with Jesus, an expression of the Beginning of our lives with Christ. Rather, it is to be a life giving song that is heard in our souls every moment of our spiritual lives - a beautiful sound track that plays from beginning to end. — Alan Kraft

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It's one thing to wait at a stop light or in a doctor's office. It's another thing to wait for news upon which your life depends. In those circumstances, our waiting highlights the fact that this situation is completely out of our control. We are totally dependent upon someone else — Alan Kraft