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One thing I've learned, in the face of all kinds of indignities, domestic workers take so much pride in their work and love the children they care for. — Ai-jen Poo

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Living longer is about loving longer, learning longer, teaching longer, connecting longer, if we figure out the supports and infrastructure to make all of that possible - and it is completely within reach. — Ai-jen Poo

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I think we really need a movement to drive how popular culture understands the issues that feminists care about. When I think about the LGBT movement for example, they have had a really intentional strategy to try to change images and representation of LGBT people in the media and the culture. It really moved the dial politically. That's what is needed in the women's movement - a strategy that can drive awareness and culture change. — Ai-jen Poo

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Everything that we believe in and count on is really in question right now. Our safety net, public education, housing, health care, so many things that are fundamental to a healthy democracy, are under attack. So I think, in general we've got a lot of work to do. — Ai-jen Poo

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I think this is a moment of a lot of possibilities, and openings. Occupy and the 99% movement are really going to break through, and we are going to create a new economy, an economy that we need that works for everyone. Where everyone works, everyone counts and everyone contributes. — Ai-jen Poo

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Movements of people create change - not just any one person or organization, but when lots of people are in motion around a shared vision. — Ai-jen Poo

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Domestic employees are at the whim of their employers. — Ai-jen Poo

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We [women] are the majority of the population, majority of the electorate, majority of the workforce ... and yet we're still doing majority of family unpaid or low paid labor. And we live longer. Our stuff is not "special interest" stuff. Our stuff is the stuff of the future, of the whole. — Ai-jen Poo

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I've always believed it's important to make the invisible visible. And valuing that which has been taken for granted is something that I've always instinctually known is the key to the kind of society I want to live in and raise my children in. — Ai-jen Poo